Booger Hunt

Yesterday I was in traffic. I pick my nose when I'm in traffic...sometimes. I let this car pull in my lane in front of me. Doop do doop do doooo...pickin' away listening to the radio. Bumper to bumper... Then I see movement in the back seat of the car I let in front of me. This very sweet old lady is waving enthusiastically to me in gratitude for my kindness to fellow motorists.... Then she sees that I'm picking my nose. She stops waving.

That was sort of embarrassing.

Posted by Plimco @ 7:34 AM

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awww...if it was my GM(grandmother) she would have kept on waving.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:39 AM #

I've gotten WAY less worried about who sees me pickin' my nose.

I figure, heck we ALL do it, as long as it's the polite "finger nail" motion, as opposed to the full finger insertion, I'm OK with that...

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 12:39 PM #

Wait...people can see what we're doing in our cars?!?!? Shit...I gotta stop playing myself. :)

Posted by Blogger Itchy @ 1:37 PM #

Too funny! I got caught picking once--it was night and a deserted street, so I figured I was safe. Just as I was digging in, a car pulled up perpendicular to mine, and my embarrassing excavation was illuminated by their headlamps.

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 3:49 PM #

Ok, so I was going to blog this, but I thought that the guilty might see it and I would feel bad, so I'll post it in these comments:

Two days ago while driving, I saw an aquaintance driving in the other lane (coming towards me)

She was picking her nose.
If that's not bad enough....she only has one arm. I mean...damn, it's worse when you know there's no other hand on the wheel!

Posted by Blogger J @ 6:26 AM #
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