A Post in which I Relate an Anecdote and Various Praise for Trista, Because I'm Pretty Sure That's What Guest Bloggers Are Supposed to Do

1) Praise: Have you had Trista's salsa? Even so-called "bad" batches are so good that you *might* go through two pints a week. You *might* try to find new types of food on which to dump said salsa, because you no longer like eating food without it. Except chocolate. And cake batter.

2) Praise: When Trista crochets with you, and your blanket is getting too big and too crooked, she will hint that it might be time to quit, that maybe you have a problem if you just can't stop. And she offers good advice: if it's crooked, stretch the short end to match the long end.

3) Anecdote: We are sitting in the empty living room of my newly-rented duplex. We are eating pita chips and sitting on the floor. We are talking about people with a particular hairstyle that we both find humerous. She is talking about an old friend of hers who sported such a style. And then she says, "Well, she would have been my friend, but she turned out to be crazy."

4) When you come to visit, Trista will dress her baby in pink, because she knows you like pink.

5) Praise: Trista will welcome you, your dog, and sometiems both, into her home when it happens that you're in need of it. That's just plain nice:)

I definately have more praise, and I haven't even started with the *Starship Battlefield* Game anecdotes, but this is a start. And Kristin, I know you're in on more than one of the praise sections; so get your own blog, and I will praise you too:)

Posted by Lauri @ 8:41 PM

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Heehee...Love the title of this post.

Posted by Anonymous Buffy @ 12:27 PM #
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