Keys to T's


She walks in hesitantly, cautiously... Her footsteps echo through the empty house.

Clip... Clop...

Clip.... Clop...

Eyes fall on a partially almost finished beautifully renovated kitchen containing such culinary morsels as mint chutney and cinnamon Life cereal.

Helllooooooooo??? Anybody home?

Nope. They're definitely gone. On vacation. Pin a rose on their nose.

(Pause while I go find the mythical shower that supposedly can fit 4 adults comfortably... and dance around in there for a minute or two... Then I have an announcement to make.)

Posted by Plimco @ 7:25 AM

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ooooh! an announcement from a guest! I love it!!

& how was that shower?

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 8:34 AM #

spill it PLimco! we want to know!! hehehe

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 9:12 AM #

The shower was...mmmm.... I believe Trista said it could fit 4 adults STANDING, but if some were planning to kneel, well... Maybe more...

Thank you both for feigning interest in my not-so-exciting exciting non-announcement announcement.

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 12:12 PM #
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