Well I'll be! I married the right woman!

Your True Love Is a Scorpio

Why you'll love a Scorpio:

Strong and sexy, Scorpio will overpower you into falling in love (before you even realize it!).
You'll love being swept away by Scorpio - into a world of insane passion.

Why a Scorpio will love you:

You don't mind letting your Scorpio take the reigns, as long as you know you're truly cared for.
Loyal and devoted, you would never do anything to set off insanely jealous Scorpio.
What Sign Is Your True Love?

Kristin is a Scorpio. I wonder if she took the test if it would say that Pisces is her true love?

Posted by Trista @ 11:08 AM

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Ha, mine also said my true love is a scorpio. But i AM a scorpio.... hooked up with a gemini.

Posted by Blogger cocoa @ 12:43 PM #

I did it too, I'm posting it later on the ego, my true love is an Aries, and my guy IS an aries!! woohoo!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 8:39 AM #

I'm a scorpio, T. Just so...you know...if you guys ever...need some help with...anything. Ahem.

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 9:13 AM #

good to know, Plim, good to know.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 10:08 AM #

My true love is also, apparently, a Scorpio. Alas, S is an Aquarious. Bummer for me :)

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 9:29 PM #
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