Photo Friday: Cute (erm...) Pets

zoe the photophobic devil cat
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
This here's Zoe. Sometimes she gets a bug up her ass and decides that she doesn't like the camera. Usually the only times she gets this bug is when we're trying to take a picture of her. If the camera's not pointing at her then she's fine with its existence.

I chose this picture to submit to the photo friday cute pet competition because everyone else's pets are SOOOOOOOO CUTE! (seriously, they are, go to flickr and check them out!) and I didn't want to follow the herd. Be original, that's MY motto. Everyone else is showing cute pictures, you show a freaking evil scary one. That'll show them!

The truly funny thing is that Zoe is one of the sweetest cats on the planet. She's extremely lovey (almost one wants to say a little slutty) and very purry and cuddly. She loves Julia and lets Julia jerk hanks of her very long fur out (in this picture she had just received her spring haircut). The only hints of evil emerge when a camera points at her or when the dogs walk by (she wacks at them with her paws hard enough we can hear the thump several rooms away).

If you want to see the face of pure evil, I submit for your viewing pleasure:

oscar as a puppy
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.

Ooooh, isn't he evil? What, you can't see it? Well that just goes to show what a great judge of character you are. He was evil. Eeeeeeeviiiiiiil. Evil. What made it worse was that he was so damn cute you would forget about the evil lurking within. And once you let your guard down he would attack with needle teeth and the energy of a Category 5 Hurricane. He would get the "crazies" and run around the condo biting things at random and eviserating stuffed animals. He would attack you from under furniture. He would leave 7 piles of puppy poop on the living room floor moments before dinner guests were about to arrive even though not 15 minutes earlier you had taken him outside to go to the bathroom and had watched carefully as he dutifully moved his bowels.

Don't fooled by the cuteness. That is the face of pure evil, my friends. Its name is Catahoula. (well, his name is Oscar, but we found out later that he's got a big chunk of Catahoula genes within him, kinda like demonic possession.)

Posted by Trista @ 8:50 AM

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hahahahah Trista you just made my busy morning really enjoyable with this post.. I hope Ms. Bri creates new categories for us, you for having the evil ones, and me for having the dead ones (see what I mean on my blog hahaha)

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 11:20 AM #

Sorry if this is a duplicate. Something odd just happened to the computer.

I would very much like to know how you get two flickr pictures in one blog post. Please explain.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 12:03 PM #
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