Photo Friday: Coming out of the Closet

Julia's Closet
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
Well, I was going to try to get a bit more artistic in my Photo Friday interpretive pictures. But I guess I'm just too literal. Anyway, my own closet is a disaster right now, and I'm too ashamed to show it. I guess the titivating didn't really take too well in there.

In my closet's place I submit a picture of the inside of Julia's closet. You can't really tell, but there are no less than 5 hand made quilts in there (and another 2 out and about the house) of which 4 were made by my mother. Those quilts are beautiful I really need to post pics of them. And there is also the afghan that Lauri made Julia and an entire basket full of hats that Kristin crocheted her. How nice to be a baby surrounded by women skilled in fiber arts!

Posted by Trista @ 9:29 AM

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wow that's so organized! the clothes hanged by size and all! I won't be participating on this friday's pool because my closet is a mess and like you I'm not gonna show it to the world! lol

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 10:47 AM #

awww. All those little dresses.
so cute!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 12:25 PM #

on second thought, I'm gonna make a fast clen up and take the pic hahahhaha

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 12:44 PM #

believe it or at one point in my life in my life i knew how to crochete. do i know..... snap. can't tell ya. but i knew at one time. a man skilled at fiber arts i'm not, but hey, i put some effort forward.....

Posted by Anonymous cz erik @ 12:48 PM #

Actually, Calliope, I think that currently there is only one dress hanging in the closet. No. There are two. I think. Kristin cleans it out quite frequently and moves clothes that she's grown out of out to storage. So, I THINK there's a denim jumper in there, but I'm not sure. I can see very clearly, though, the purple and orange Oink Baby giraffe jumper. If you want to see what that jumper looks like on a baby, go to my flicker photo stream and scroll through, there's a picture of Julia wearing it in there.

The rest of the hanging stuff is pants and creepers and shirts and jackets.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 3:36 PM #

You have a girly closet for your baby girl .I want a girl soooooo badly. Cute stuff.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 4:56 PM #

I love how organized that closet is and it definitely inspires me.
We have a small place and baby-o is not going to have his/her own closet for some time.
I also wanted to add: you commented on my blog about loving YCDTOTV. My love for that show cannot be fully measured. This is partially because -- and I say this is an adult, an educator who has also worked in children's media -- it was an awesome show. It is also partially because I had such a giant crush on one of the females on that show....oh my goodness....it was seriously a big moment in my development because it was hard for me to deny what I was feeling. :-)
O, Canada.

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 2:28 PM #
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