A challenge... or a cry for help?

Ok peoples. Do any of you have extra time, a talent with design and/or photoshopping, and the desire to see your work represent the mediocre mind-ramblings of me?

This blog template is boring. It looks like a lot of other people's. I get confused when I go to other people's blogs and see my template but don't remember writing what's on the page there. Yes, yes, yes, I know there are other templates out there I could search for an implement, but I want something original. Plus, I love the font and general layout on this one. I just want a better background and a masthead.

So, if any of you would like to make me one, I will love you forever and ever. I will laud your qualities and your good looks. I will praise you to the sky. I will post your name as my webdesigner. I will send you jam/jelly/salsa/a hat. Whatever it takes. I would really love if the imagery for the masthead came from the poem that my title comes from. You can find the poem by clicking the link in the sidebar that says "this site's mission statement". I particularly love the image of the "cracked bowl shining".

Now I realize that this is a lot to ask for, and that you're all very busy people (though not so busy you can't waste your time here, may I point out) but I thought that really, it's for you that I'm doing this. I don't really look at my blog, after all. You do. Plus, if you don't put things out there, no one ever gives you things. And besides, what's the worst that can happen? A resounding silence? A contemptuous laugh? A hollow promise? The sudden death of my readership? I've dealt with all of that before, and it only took me 9 months of psychotherapy to get back on my feet again.

You don't want to be the one to put me back into therapy, do you? I didn't think so.


Posted by Trista @ 3:00 PM

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I can change colors and do a lot of damage, not in that order.

I don't know this woman but I did contact her about purchasing one of her templates. By the time I heard from her (she'd been sick and so it took awhile) I'd already sweated over the one I have now. But when/if I get bored with the template I have now, I might patronize her site. She has very beautiful designs.

Eye For Beauty

(Or, of course, if you can find someone to do something fantastic for free... even better.)

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 6:54 PM #

I would love that too! I wish I could help you. The best I could do was put the mermaid on my page - anything else I've tried has been an abject failure. I would love it if someone posted somewhere what size you have to make a banner thing to put across the top so at least I could make my own, and examples of how to do the coding to change the colours of the page. Good luck!

Posted by Blogger mermaidgrrrl @ 6:56 PM #
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