The seven sacred pools

Ok, Estelle, you de-virginized me in terms of tagging. Here goes...

7 things I want to do before I die

  1. Go on a book tour (which would mean publishing a book, do you see how I'm cheating here?)
  2. Spend a season (or more) in Denmark
  3. Win a Pushcart (or, really, ANY kind of writing prize)
  4. Make a difference somehow, somewhere
  5. (too embarassed to admit this one)
  6. Support myself completely by writing and writing-related things
  7. Own a beach house (it doesn't have to be fancy)

7 Things I cannot do

  1. Eat a banana without puking.
  2. Stand up for myself in person or on the phone
  3. Refuse to see both sides of an argument
  4. Fight without crying
  5. Cry beautifully
  6. Drive in the car without singing
  7. Curl my tongue (or whistle, for that matter, they're related abilities)

7 things I'm attracted to

  1. Wacky sense of humor
  2. Skill with your hands (I'm looking for refined movements as well as strength-- hey, you asked!)
  3. Integrity
  4. Appreciation for my poetry (I am a self-absorbed poet, you know)
  5. A willingness to reevaluate one's place in the world
  6. An acceptance of mystery and magic and the breathtaking beauty of this world
  7. An ability to switch from silliness to aching seriousness and back almost instantly

7 things I say often

  1. Totally
  2. Whatever
  3. Huh?
  4. Yeah yeah yeah
  5. Securities and Exchange Commission...
  6. I'd be happy to do that for you
  7. What do you think (sometimes serious and sometimes sarcastic)

7 Celebrity Crushes

  1. Jeri Ryan (but ONLY as Seven of Nine)
  2. Claudia Black (but ONLY as Aeryn Sun)
  3. Jennifer Aniston (I know, I know, what is WRONG with me. She has a cute nose)
  4. Katee Sackhof as Lt Kara Thrace
  5. Dar Williams
  6. Renee Zelwegger (its another Jennifer Aniston thing)
  7. Antje Duvekof (as if you couldn't see THAT coming)

I'm only tagging Wendy. Cause I know she'll do it. The rest of you I'm not sure about, and if I tagged you and you ignored me I would totally cry. Cry. Cry. Cry. And as you can see above, that would not be pretty.

Posted by Trista @ 3:48 PM

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I think Jennifer Aniston is pretty darned cute too. *hanging my head in shame*

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 7:45 PM #

I found you through E's blog......and ummm...I have a secret crush of Jennifer Aniston as well.

Posted by Blogger Casey @ 9:05 PM #

I can't curl my tongue either. I'm the only one in the whole household and they mock me with it all the time. Even though it is a genetic thing, they tell me I'm just being lazy and try to "teach" me. rotten brats!

Posted by Blogger Lionmom @ 8:49 PM #
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