The nursery c'est finis!

We finished it last night. My mom put the finishing touches on the murals and I finally finished the canopy. The room is really small, so I had to take pictures of different angles. Everything made of cloth (except the curtains which we bought forever ago and the canopy which I made) was made by my mom. My mom also did all the murals. It is entirely thanks to her that this room is so beautiful!

Posted by Trista @ 10:47 AM

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I adore the murals! Especially the whale. I have a thing for whales. :)

Fingers crossed for the baby to make an appearance soon, but not *too* soon. (A friend of mine was pregnant with twins and by the 8th month she was ready to do a c-section herself with a kitchen knife! She did end up having a c-section and both girls were around 7 lbs -- really big for not-quite-full-term twins.)

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 6:50 PM #

Thanks Anne, the whale is pretty cool. She did it in less than an hour. She's pretty amazing.

That is big for twins. She did a good job growing them.

Last night while we were going to use acupressure to try to start labor we hesitated -- what if it's too too soon? The midwife said she would be fine, but what if we force something that should be left alone.


Thanks for reading.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 7:42 PM #

Wow, looks beautiful!

Hope the baby arrives safe and healthy. Can't wait for the birth post!

- G

Posted by Blogger G @ 11:24 PM #
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