Aaah, relief

Our swamp cooler is fixed! I couldn't find our warranty info, so I called Home Depot and the manager there told me there was a warranty, but no one could come out today. In fact, no one could come out for several days. Then he asked me... "How, exactly is it broken?" and I told him that duh! it's not blowing any air, how else could it be broken? (I didn't say it quite that rudely, that's why there's no quotes. I get testy when my temp's not perfect.) And then I added that it had made a clunking noise. "Oh," he says. "That sounds like the belt fell off." To which I replied. Great! what are you going to do about it? He must have missed my emphasis on the "you" because he answered me. "Well, what you need to do is open it up and put the belt back on." Hmmm. It's on the top of my house. My ladder is at Jennifer's house. And it's not big enough to get on the roof unless I use it to climb onto the garage roof and then jumb the 4 foot gap between the two roofs. I was almost that desperate. Like I said, it was hot.

The manager didn't waste any more of his valuable time listening to my ladder deliberations. He said, "goodby, goodluck, call us back if that doesn't work" and hung up. I steamed, literally and figuratively. Then I called my dad. They had told me they were coming to bring the rest of our nursery (changing table and bookshelf) out to us, and I had already roped him into helping us move our old fridge out of the dining room and into the garage (I'll post on that tomorrow) so I felt bad asking for something else, but desperate times... "Hey Dad, can you throw your big ladder into the back of the truck when you come out this afternoon?"

Kristin and I escaped the heat this afternoon at our last baby shower (we played pin the sperm on the egg!!).

When my dad and I got into the cooler we discovered that the wheel holding the belt had not been tightened correctly and that the belt, indeed, had come off. It had also been burning the rubber for a while. Remember that smoke that I swore was coming from the motor? Well who knew, it turns out that it was? I wonder what other crazy, paranoid ideas are going to start coming true? Is that buzz from my speakers, or is the car about to explode? My sense of fatalism insists that the car's going to explode and my sense of fatalism's on a winning streak. I should probably check have it checked out. "Do I have any reason to think my car's going to explode? Well, not really, but you see I have this swamp cooler..."

So, long story long. We're cool again, Kristin's feet are the size and color of eggplants, our hospital bag's packed, and the nursery's useable. Hopefully I'll have a post about my love affair with our new refrigerator and lots of pictures tomorrow.

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Trista, it was really good to see you yesterday. thanks for the links. --cousin erik ps. www.perpetualstillness.blogspot.com

Posted by Blogger erik emmer @ 1:23 AM #
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