Tying up all sorts of loose ends

Well, after 4 years of committment to each other, a marriage and an annullment (damn you California Supreme Court!!) and just in time for the baby, Kristin and I are legally bound to each other. Well, kinda. We finally got our act together and drew up our medical and financial powers of attorney and our wills, replicating a few (very few) of the rights/responsibilities we would have been granted if on the day we met we had driven to Vegas, gotten drunk and made a pit stop at a Chapel O' Love. Oh yeah, I guess one of us would have had to have been a man. (This scenario is improbable: I would have insisted on the Star Trek Experience at the very least.) Well, that's ok. We've made up for it now. Let all those who prophesy that the end of Civilization As We Know It begins with Gay Marriage get ready to count the signs of the apocalypse. I expect at least a plague of locusts from this packet of papers, baby!

And the biggest irony cherry on the top of my legal sundae? Though it's the law in Utah that Kristin and I cannot be wed (or even, really, legally bound), and Utah's new constitutional amendment throws these documents into a huge legal gray area, it was the friendly Teller/N.P. at our local Utah Law Enforcement Credit Union that notarized all our contracts. He even did it for free. Makes me laugh so hard I want to puke.

Other loose ends: I also turned in my thesis manuscript. It's only oh... about 3 months late. It was also 1 day past the latest deadline. Making it a bit iffy that I'll actually graduate in August. I may graduate in December instead (as opposed to May, when I was supposed to graduate if I had turned the manuscript in on time the first time) . But at least it's done. Mostly. I never did get a written permission from Dar Williams to quote three lines from one of her songs. I'm hoping no one notices. It's not like the thesis is getting wide distribution or anything. Heck, I had to pay $75 to bind the thing and I'm not even getting an official copy. [begin public apology and oath to God] Dar, if you're reading this (and I know you're not, but at least this will clear my conscience) I want you to know that I tried really, really hard to get someone from your record label to give me permission to quote you. It's not that they refused, it's that no one had ever asked before (very hard for me to believe) and they just didn't know what to do with my request so they kept back-burnering it and I finally gave up. I promise that before the book goes national, I will personally track you down and get your permission. [end public apology and oath to God] Now that the manuscript is off my mind I can start working on the book I had wanted to write but couldn't because of MFA technicalities. I may even feel motivated enough to write some new material. Wouldn't that be something!

And the final loose end: I FOUND THE SMELL!!! It was our spare bed all along. Kristin informs me that I should have checked the bed first thing since that's what the dogs have been lying on panting the summer away, but it was only a couple of weeks since I had changed all the bedding and I didn't think it could possibly be that smelly that soon. Boy howdy, was I wrong! And just in case any of you reading might be thinking of staying at my house when you're in SLC, don't worry, the bed itself is completely encased in plastic so the dog cooties can be removed with the flick of a zipper. I'm gross and thoughtless, but not THAT gross and thoughtless.

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Wow -- lots to congratulate in this post! Legal binding (I'm peering around for those locusts...), thesis-ness, AND tracking down The Smell. Congratulations all around!

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 6:38 PM #
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