In brief... (more to follow, maybe sunday)

Julia Annette

born via c-section 3:57 PM August 18

5lb14oz 17.5in long.

Sorry, I'm not a photographer. Better pictures and the story to follow. Everyone doing great!

Posted by Trista @ 5:47 AM

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Congratulations! She's gorgeous (and what a lovely name). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and come by to tell us about her when you can!

Posted by Blogger Jen @ 8:53 AM #

Congratulations Moms!!! I love those cute, chubby cheeks!

Posted by Blogger Sara @ 9:56 AM #

Oh, congratulations to the proud and happy (and I bet exhausted) moms!!! Julia Annette is a beautiful name -- my grandmother's name (mother's mother) was Julia and I've always liked it. I am so happy for you! She's gorgeous!

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 3:49 PM #


Many happy wishes for you and your baby. She's beautiful.

Posted by Blogger StateShift @ 8:45 PM #

Congratulations! We look forward to getting to know her and being in her life. Hope things are going well with you three. We'll see you very soon.

Posted by Anonymous Jordan and Erin @ 7:27 PM #

Ooh cute baby! I can tell that she's going grow up and be a starving artist/activists; she has the nose.
Have fun with your new child. Teach her everything that your parents forgot.

Posted by Anonymous Heather Franck @ 8:41 PM #

That's such wonderful news. Congrats to the three of you!

Posted by Anonymous Robin @ 9:39 PM #

Yay! Welcome to the post-womb world, Julia! We're glad to have you in the tribe, little sister.

Healing blessings and congratulations to Kristin as she recovers from surgery/birth.

Hearty hugs and congrats to you, Trista!

Posted by Anonymous Mossie / Marisa @ 10:40 AM #

She's beautiful. Congratulations. Zoe and Julia can have a play date soon--as soon as they can both commit to being awake for more than seven minutes at a time. I wish I knew you had a blog sooner--Julie just told me about it. It sounds like you guys went through a lot of what we did--expectations high, reality quite ridiculously medicated and intervening. Still, all is well with both our tykes so who can complain??? (well, we can. That's what blogs are for.) I can't wait to hear the whole story and I'll finish my long long story eventually.
Congratulations to you and Kristin.

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 11:31 AM #

congrats! she's beautiful...and what a great name! i've just recently found your blog...and i've added you to my bloglist. hope that's ok.

Posted by Anonymous Robyn @ 3:37 PM #

she is so beautiful. I have been crying as I read your blog. You give me hope. Alicia

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:51 PM #
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