False (scary) alarm

Though not too too scary since Kristin is considered term now.

We spent the morning in OB emergency. Yesterday Kristin's blood pressures were in the 150/105 range. The baby was also moving much less than normal. This morning Kristin's face was extremely puffy and her pressure was 160/110. So we rushed her in -- grabbed all our stuff just in case this was it.

3 hours later they released us. Her blood pressures went down while we were there and the baby started moving. They did an ultrasound just to be sure. Ok, they said the baby is fine. But we've had a LOT of ultrasounds lately, and one thing that has been consistent is that our baby has practiced her breathing constantly through the ultrasounds. This time it took our baby 20 minutes to move her diaphragm. She passed, because she did, eventually, start moving it. But still. I asked how important it was that the baby practice breathing and was told that the breath practice is the first thing to stop when the baby is in distress. So I'm left wondering if Kristin and I just caught the very beginning of something. I think her pressures went down because once we got to the hospital we knew that if anything happened we were in the best possible place getting the best possible care. But if the baby's breathing pattern has changed, even if it's still technically in the normal range...

Well, we have our regular exam tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get more answers then. Until then, our little dry run this morning revealed some preparations I still need to complete. I'm off get them taken care of!

Posted by Trista @ 2:07 PM

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Eek! Sounds like it is a good thing you went in, even though everything turned out to be OK. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 6:08 PM #

Yikes! That must have been terrifying. I'm glad all's well and hope that you don't have any more scares. Glad you're in good medical hands.

Posted by Blogger Jen @ 7:38 PM #

I didn't realize the baby could breathe in the womb. There's no air, right? Is it practice breathing?

Glad everything seems okay now.

Posted by Anonymous Robin @ 8:37 PM #

You are in my prayer's, good luck at the doctor's today!

Posted by Blogger crazygirlrunner @ 11:14 AM #
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