ooops… I’ve had a (blog related) accident

I’ve said some doozies in my life.

Normally they come out un-premeditated. They sort of pop out in a fit of passion, compassion, or curiosity.

Things like:

You mean the baby is starting to eliminate inside you? Wow, how does it feel to be a toilet?


This poem would be so amazingly great, if only you would lose those stupid rhymes.

or, my personal favorite

Wow, that’s a lot of mucus. Is it supposed to be that color? It’s kind of oozing out of the os, it looks a little like snot. What does the book say it’s supposed to look like? Do you think you could have a disease or something?

These things are not meant to be hurtful, but they end up hurting just the same. I’m usually better in writing, where my internal editor has a bit more control over what other people receive. But not always.

So, when I set up this blog I wrote that the worst of me would eventually show up as the result of exuberance and good intentions… I just thought it would show up on this blog. Don’t worry, it probably will, eventually.

But for now, suffice it to say that I got a teensy bit too involved in another blog’s drama and got a bit exuberant in a couple of comments. Not a blog I’ve got linked here, in case you were wondering. The situation unfolding on that blog struck a fear chord in me. It’s an irrational fear because though it has tangential similarities to my own life, that situation is extremely unlikely ever to occur to me. But being irrational doesn’t make it less strong. So I got a bit carried away in my comments. I am extremely sorry for that. It’s keeping me up tonight.

If anyone is reading this, and I have gone too far in any comments on any of your blogs, please put it down to baby blogger bad manners and know that I have learned my lesson (and a very difficult one at that) and it will not happen again. At least, I am going to make a damn concerted effort not to do it again.

If any of you know which blog I’m referring to, please understand that what I said was not meant to be hurtful… but I’m afraid that it was insensitive, and for that I am sorry.

Posted by Trista @ 12:30 AM

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It wasn't love. You didn't do anything wrong :)

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 10:28 AM #

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