Administrative Proceedings and An Announcement

Did you hear the news? I'm going to be writing regularly for LesbianFamily.org!

I am so honored to be asked to contribute to LesbianFamily.org. The other contributors are amazing writers and I feel like I'm in illustrious company. And you know, and when I say that you know I'm not just sucking up so they'll say nice things about me, I mean, one of them is published (in a book! in paper! that people buy! that I bought!), and one of them has, like, a googlillion subscribers on bloglines alone (well, maybe not a googlillion, but a lot more than me) and she earns those subscribers because she's such a good writer and a fantastic photographer, and the other one, the one who started it all, was interviewed for a real article where her blogging was called "fabulous" by someone who was neither related to her nor getting paid by her! And then there's me. [sound of crickets chirping in the vast silence]

But I've got some exciting ideas of things I'd like to see happen over there. There's going to be weekly round-ups of some of the spectacular posts around the Lesbian Family blogroll, and I'm hoping we can organize a carnival to sponsor some interactive linkage action. I'd also like to do a series of interviews with various bloggers on the blogroll. And I might write about various issues on occassion. If you've got any tips for me, things you'd like to see me post over there, or bloggers you're just dying to read more about, please email me at anaccidentofhope [at] inbox [dot] com.

So, now for the administrative proceeding. I've redone my links. In line with my new priority of getting people to use LesbianFamily.org as an invaluable gateway to lesbian family bloggers, I've replaced most of the individual links with one link to the LesbianFamily.org blogroll. The individual links I've left are those of people that I have some connection with other than cyberly, or that wouldn't be found on LesbianFamily.org, or that I have some nefarious plan for. I'm really hoping that this move doesn't offend anyone, but really, my links were getting out of control. If you're not listed on LesbianFamily.org and your link has disappeared, please let me know and I'll put it back, as I really do want everyone to be able to find anyone that has ever read my blog even just once. And especially if you left a kind comment. Then I definitely want people to find you so they can leave kind comments in return.

Ok? Ok.

I'll let you all know when my first post over at LesbianFamily.org is up. Not that I should have to tell you, since you're all regular readers already, right? Right?


Posted by Trista @ 3:40 PM

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First and foremost, congratulations! I am so happy-happy-glad for you, and you are so deserving of this that I've got the ol' misty eyes. I must add that I've got the misty eyes without the running nose, because misty eyes are one thing, and running noses, well, ick.

Secondly, heh-heh, yes I did run right down your little sidebar to see if I'd been *poofed,* and I hadn't been *poofed,* and I'm both flattered and grateful.

Thirdly, hell YES, let's open this bloggy cookbook thing up to everyone. The more the merrier! I'll email my idea on how to do it, then you can tell be whether or not it's too complicated/idiotic/whatever.


It's been a great day for almost everyone! How often does that happen?!

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 5:30 PM #

Congratulations. Though you've always been a real writer to me. Still, it's nice to have global recognition. Happy day.

Posted by Blogger Nik @ 5:36 PM #

That's really cool! I'm not at all surprised they asked, because you're a terrific writer.

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 5:46 PM #

you are an amazing writer and your new gig is so well-deserved. TRY to give yourself a smidgen of credit darlin'. congratulations!

Posted by Blogger whatthef*ck @ 8:33 PM #

Just for the record...

I only asked people who I think are outstanding and interesting writers to come and blog on LesbianFamily.org. :)

(Of course some of you are outstanding and interesting and did not get asked -- but that was one of the baseline criteria.)

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 4:39 AM #

Honey, that's not the sound of crickets chirping in the silence; that's the sound of awed (nearly speechless!) appreciation for the passion & depth & honesty that you bring to your writing. Good for you for being able to share that on an even grander scale. And hoorah that something nice has happened, right? I'm adding the link to LesbianFamily.org RIGHT NOW. It should have been done AGES ago.

Posted by Blogger b. @ 7:01 AM #

Congrats on the new writing gig. I think you're a great writer too!

Posted by Blogger Robin @ 6:29 PM #

yay! this is excellent news & I am very proud of you.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:59 AM #
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