It's a puzzler, all right

My progesterone levels are back. Last night my progesterone was 0.26.

Huh. No blood today, though.

So where, oh where, has my period gone?

And, more importantly, does this mean I should stick some spooge up my love canal soon? The RE is not in the office on Thursday afternoons. I guess I'll get the mirror and take a little looksy myself tonight.

Let's see, if I decide that that one spot of bright red was, indeed, my period, then that would make today day 9... unless day one was that first day of dark brown...


Good thing we get our stuff for free. If we were paying $300-500 a hit for this shit I think I'd just curl up and die.

Posted by Trista @ 4:14 PM

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I've only ever done things the old fashioned way, but my thought is if the spooge is free, why not try?

Thanks for the nice note you left me at the end of one of your posts recently. I'm sorry I didn't thank you earlier (like-oh-say when you actually posted it). I fight depression too and cold weather always brings out the worst in me.

Posted by Blogger Melessa @ 5:43 PM #

Oh, the memories of AI. Sigh, how I miss those days ... the known donor who couldn't keep himself away from scary ladies ... the money we spent on those tiny vials of half-dead swimmers ... the excitement of timing and defrosting and oh, the furious arguments with syringe in hand ...


Posted by Blogger Blue @ 5:52 PM #

I'd get an LH blood check - and E2 if you can - that will tell you exactly where you are in your cycle - you could also go pee on an OPK, too....

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 7:33 PM #

go for it, girl. get some free spooge.

& on a side note...
um, snow photos please.

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:18 PM #

I'm sorry that you still don't have any answers about your M.I.A. period, even after that horrific blood draw. (I'm lucky that my veins are really close to my skin and easy to find. Then again, my AP Bio teacher once pointed out that since my veins are so close to my skin, if I ever got really cut up in an accident, I'd bleed to death faster than the average person would. So, hey, there's an advantage for ya.)

Posted by Blogger Co @ 5:39 AM #

Thinking of you. No assvice, though.

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 9:55 AM #

(sung to the tune of "Where oh where has my little dog gone")

Where oh where has her period gone?
Oh where oh where can it be?
With its blood so red and its...
(Hm. I'm having a little more trouble here than I thought...)



Ah cha cha chaaaaaa...

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 10:17 AM #
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