Went back to the doctor today for a scheduled follow-up appointment. I think somewhere in the back of my brain was a lovely little fantasy of going into work after the appointment... ha. ha ha ha ha ha.

The doctor said she was concerned that this illness is not turning around as it should. My lungs still sound terrible. My blood pressure was through the roof (for me), my heart was racing, and I couldn't catch my breath to save my life. In fact the nurse that treated me on Saturday poked her head in the exam room saying, "I recognize that cough... oh you poor thing, aren't you any better yet?!"

So. They changed me from the nebulizer to an inhaler because of the blood pressure and racing heart thing. I'll start inhaled steroids on Thursday. The doctor gave me permission to take the prednisone all at once in the morning instead of once in the morning and once at night... the better to help me sleep. And... she changed my antibiotic.

See, internet, there's something I didn't tell you about last week. Last week we inseminated, and it looks like I ovulated... so I could be pregnant right now. That is, if the 4 chest xrays didn't blast the little blastocyct. It had slipped my mind (I'm just not used to having a 2ww, let alone possibly being pregnant) on Saturday, but I remembered to tell her this morning. And it's all good. Because Kristin needed 3 weeks of Bioxin, but insurance would only pay for 2 and damn that shit's expensive. So now she can have my week.

Anyway, it was quite a blow to be told that I can't go back to work ALL FUCKING WEEK. Especially since I don't have any more leave. That means 4 days without pay. My job is secure; I'm concerned that our mortgage isn't. (Kristin keeps telling me to stop worrying that far ahead, that we'll be fine, but it's all par for my little self-hatred course I'm on) And the trip to Hawaii is looking a little shaky at the moment. It sucks that a bad illness in November could disrupt a trip in late February that we've been planning for a year... but there you have it. It could. It really fucking could.

I have a follow-up follow-up appointment on Thursday, and hopefully the doctor will clear me to go to work on Friday. Not that I love work, by any means, but, you know, the whole "money is good" thing. And Julia still looks clear of pneumonia, so that's good. Here's to feeling better on so many different levels tomorrow.

PS -- Melessa... from your comments here you seem to be a wonderful, compassionate, intellegent, empathic person. I would be happy to meet you anytime... even if you ARE from Oklahoma!

Posted by Trista @ 8:50 PM

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oh shit, sweetie, that.just.sucks.

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 9:13 PM #

I so hope you feel better soon. And ouch that you have to feel BAD staying home when you are so fucking sick becuase of MONEY. Yuck.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 11:10 PM #

I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling any better. Glad your doc is giving you some different meds to hopefully help with the racing heart and insomnia.

And the money sitch sucks. I hope you still get to go on your trip.

But please don't beat yourself up about not being able to work. It's not your fault.

Posted by Blogger Co @ 6:08 AM #

oooooooh! The sneaky insem!! Just a moment to high five you on the ovulating thing! woo hooooo!

I am so bummed that you are still so sick. & I know you hate not going to work, but you need to rest & get well. Lawd knows I get the money stress, but listen to Kristin.


Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 8:20 AM #

No money sucks, no question about it. But being at work and getting sicker sucks harder. Get better--you've got to, with all this positive energy flowing your way!

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 8:31 AM #

Will the inhaler be albuterol? If so, just a little heads-up -- it tended to make me a little I'd-rather-run-laps-than-go-to-sleepy. Rest is so important right now, so I hope you're getting plenty.

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 9:07 AM #

Hey, Trista. Faith's sister here. I have no sage words for you--just pure sympathy. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!!!!! Sending every bit of good karma I have your way. Take care.

Posted by Blogger Izzybella @ 3:17 PM #

Hang in there Trista and potential blasty. Rest, rest, rest, fluids, rest and make sure your breathing is okay. The steroids will prob make you feel better. They do that.

Posted by Blogger Sacha @ 6:50 PM #

Oh Honey, I'm so sorry that you are still sick.. I hope you get better soon :-)

Here's some Mexican Love for ya!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 8:40 PM #
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