Corporate Drag

I'm in corporate drag today. Full ensemble: hose, heels, long skirt, blazer, shell, tasteful and minimal earrings. The Boss is coming today. The Head Honcho. The Big Cheese. On a tour of the district offices. To shake people's hands. What this means is that --

Oh. My. Lord. I just saw one of my office mates coming up the elevator in black leather chaps! Maybe she didn't get the memo. Maybe there's a suit stuffed into her backpack. Wait, someone's teasing her about the chaps. She's patting the bag. Maybe? But, oh lord, it would be funny to see our local boss' face when he sees her in chaps. He just came up the elevator himself, DAMN! he just missed her!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the Numero Uno. What this means is that I was told to clean my desk and the lobby I sit in. Now my desk is cleaner than it has been since my first week on the job. I had no idea that I had so many post-it pads in my drawers. Oh, yeah, and I get free lunch. So there's that.

I still don't know whether or not I'll be sitting at this very clean desk two weeks from yesterday. My contract expires on the 31st and though I've been told they want to keep me on, I've yet to see a formal offer. Um. Yeah. I've been looking for jobs, but work is hard to find. They keep assuring me that they want to keep me, but they said that to the other contract worker and then three days before HIS contract expired they gave him the bad news that they weren't going to keep him on. Bad luck, that. The thing I've got going for me is that no one else wants to sit at my desk and answer phones and buzz the door open. Fun for me, don't you know?

Crap. One is not supposed to blog about one's job. Still. I don't think I've said anything untoward, have I?

If you're wondering what the real point of this post is... I'll tell you. I'm getting you used to boringness from me, so you won't be so surprised come November when all my brains are grated and squeezed and the juices used to annoint my keyboard in a blessing on my manuscript. Or something.

PS -- RE consultation appointment tomorrow!

Posted by Trista @ 8:25 AM

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ha! I just gave a warning on my blog as well: get ready for some mundane blogging!

not that you will ever be mundane.

THRILLED about your RE appt. tomorrow. What is on the agenda? Change of meds?

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 8:56 AM #

Now that I have a nice quiet job and am not pregnant, I worry I'll get boring too. You won't get boring.

Hey, if you see Dr. Big Shot tomorrow tell him hi for me. Not like he'll remember me. Hope things work out ok with him and he doesn't call you single all day.

Drink lots of water before you go... I bet they draw about a gallon of blood.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 11:27 AM #

Yay about your RE appt. And stop all this boring blog talk. You will be in good writing shape in November and happy to tell us about all the life stuff you are not putting in your novel.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 12:03 AM #

I hate how the big boss coming is supposed to mean cosmetic improvements around the office. Always strikes me as stupid.

And can't wait to hear about the RE appointment.

Posted by Blogger Co @ 6:42 AM #
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