No More Baby Aspirin for Me

I am covered in bruises that I don't remember getting. And some of them are bad enough that they've bled down through the pores. I think my blood is thin enough.


I have to create a bio for the magazine that is publishing my partial epic poem. I can't decide which to send them:

Trista Petra [last name] received an MFA from the University of Utah in 2005. Her poetry has appeared in The West Wind Review, Prairie Poetry, and Shades. She lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT.


Trista Petra [last name] paid a great deal of money and read a great many pages of bad theory and poetry to get a piece of paper with a shiny seal from the University of Utah. And, true to form, when the paper finally arrived (a year late) it was wrinkled and mud stained. She ironed it flat and tacked it to the wall anyway. After all, she’s got 29 years left to pay on the damn thing; she might as well enjoy it. Her poetry has appeared in such places as trash cans and other people’s refrigerators and once, even, in The West Wind Review. Currently, she works in an office in the second tallest building in Downtown Salt Lake City where she charges the government a great deal of money to answer phone calls and be as unhelpful to taxpayers as possible. She enjoys living in proximity to the Great Salt Lake because, in her own words, “It’s just like my own little stagnant ocean -- only smellier, and with sand made out of fossilized brine shrimp poop.”

which one would you send?

PS -- when it comes out, if you buy a copy and mail it to me I'll autograph it for you for free. And that's money in the bank, there. That thing'll pay for your grandchildren's college, guaranteed!


Even though I'm going to have to take Julia with me, I am keeping my appointment with the person who manages my anti-depresant/anxiety meds. I made the appointment before I realized that Wednesday Kristin would be in school all day, but I'm so depressed that I decided not to reschedule. I think my meds need tweaking because of the clomid and instead of just tweaking them myself I decided I should get an expert's opinion.


Today's* Tiny Triumph

I tackled my mail pile.

And then I got to read for pleasure.
For two whole hours.

*for "today" read: last night

Posted by Trista @ 9:59 AM

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Ouch. Depression sucks, and when your hormones are all kinds of crazy, well, that is brutal.

Please send the second bio, because it is *f*ing funny, and true and it made me laugh.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 11:26 AM #

I, too, giggled at the second bio, and I would love an autographed copy :)

I have Bi-polar, but it is one of the ones that is hard to medicate...so I fully understand tweekage. Good luck to you!

Posted by Blogger Lizzardbits @ 1:35 PM #

My MD warned us that Clomid can make you depressed. She used it and saw that side effect and she said her SIL used it and had the same thing happen.

Hang in there. I know how hard it is when a spouse heads to school. Our household is still recovering and may never be the same.

I don't know if your budget would handle it, but what about hiring a housekeeper just one time to get things in control. It would make you feel so much more sane. I'm thinking about doing the same thing for our yard since yardwork is not priority these days.

Posted by Blogger Sacha @ 3:31 PM #

I'm sorry you're feeling so shitty.

The second bio is awesome and confirms my long held belief that truth in advertising should apply to vitae, resumes, and author biographies.

"I am a real bitch before 9 a.m.
I do not like working with stupid people.
I truly believe I am intellectually superior to my job performance evaluators."


Posted by Blogger hd @ 7:31 PM #

Go with the second one! It's not another boring-as-shit bio, and people will remember you.

Twenty-nine years? Wow. That's like a mortgage.

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 7:32 PM #

I need me some anti-anxiety meds - it's getting worse now that I'm a mom - 'nuf said.

When I first started stage managing, I used the VERy serious: Shelli has receently done this show, that show, worked with this director, this exciting actor, and wow! Doesn't my little list impress you?

And then, as I got older, I realized that no one really reads the dang things anyway, so I made it my own, and always made a reference to my awesome Matzoah ball soup.

So I vote for B!

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 8:10 PM #
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