A conversation overheard

Person 1: So, it looks like I have to have a UA for this new job I got.
Person 2: What's the problem?
1: Well, a few weeks ago I smoked some pot. I don't know how long that stuff stays in your system. It would really suck to fail my UA.
2: Oh, that's easy. Just go in there and tell them that you just ate a whole bunch of sesame seeds and if anything funny comes up in your UA it's because of those seeds and nothing else.

Posted by Trista @ 8:22 PM

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:56 PM #

What the shit?!

Wow. Just.. wow!

Posted by Blogger Orhan Kahn @ 12:30 AM #

Tell em you were snorting the seeds, even better.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:54 AM #



Sesame Seeds have NOTHING to do with a postitive MJ test. There is an urban legend about Poppy seeds out there...

People say the stupidist stuff to get out of a positive exam. I have heard the lamest excuses, like well the Kleen Pee was supposed to work.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 11:05 AM #
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