One Sassy Haircut, Coming Right Up!

Ok, so I'm going to get a haircut. Now comes the excruciating part. Picking one. My problem is always that I fall in love with a particular cut, but after I get it I am disappointed in that I don't look like the model who has said cut. Hmph. I guess I need to do one of those things where you upload a picture of my face into the program to pick my hairstyle. See what I look like. Fall in love with myself. Well, the problem with that is that when I use those things even when I stick my last style on them (a style which I thought looked fine on me when I first got it) I look ridiculous. I will like NO haircut found that way.

So, what to do... what to do...

I know! Analyze it to death.

Here are the two haircuts I'm thinking of getting. Cut one. And Cut two. I know. I know. They're very similar. In fact, they just might be the same cut on two different people and the difference in their hair texture is the difference in the look. I can't decide. And then there's this niggling feeling that maybe I should go even shorter. Maybe something with spikes.

Here are my limitations:
Baby fine, super straight, extremely thick hair with absolutely no body at all whatsoever period.

A disinclination to use a hairdryer.

A dislike of the feel of too much product in my hair.

So, I need a style that doesn't rely on hair texture to hold its shape (ie, it looks good fairly flat to the head), doesn't require blowing out to look nice, and needs only one type of product (if any). And I'd really like it to look kind of dykie.

Oh, and we should probably take my star sign into account, too...

February 18 - March 18

You are equal parts alluring, mysterious, fluid and wildly changeable. Flexibility is your middle name.

Your extremely sensitive feelings and fluctuating moods have major impact over how you wear your hair, whether you select a classic one length bob or a super choppy hybrid style.

Famous Piscean actress Sharon Stone became famous for whimsically chopping off her own longish golden locks at home emerging with a super short spiky pixie.

Like Pisces Margo Harshmen, you love short styles that are glam yet practical wears, alluring yet easy to maintain. Look and feel are most important and you pay little attention to cost or workmanship. You march to the beat of your own hair drummer avoiding hot trends like the plague.

Any thoughts?

Posted by Trista @ 1:32 PM

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I like that cut. I think you should go for it and see how you like it. Don't go too short at first, you can always get more cut off.

Posted by Blogger cocoa @ 3:43 PM #

I love cut 2!! Go for it! It's always such a great feeling when you make a decision like that, and do something delightfully drastic!

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 4:17 PM #

I think you should let an expert decide. Go in with a REALLY vague idea and then just let them tell you what to do. This necessitates going to a really nice place where they know their shit. I have not yet done it but plan to do it soon. Just a thought - on What Not to Wear and all those makeover shows, the woman always has some idea about how her hair looks best but really the stylist totally knows what to do to make her look fabulous and she just has to stop crying about it and shut up already. I always want to kick those crying women. You just got $5000 dollars worth of clothes, dammit! Buck up and let them do what they want with your hair. Sheesh.

Posted by Blogger ms.bri @ 5:32 PM #

Your Queen L. post had several resonating details. They have been rummaging through my shit all night. Thank-you

I think cut 2 is bangin'.

I hail from New England.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 5:46 AM #

I have to agree with Bri. Those styles are really cute but there is so much work that goes into looking like that. Most of those really straight styles like that use a flat iron. Chances are if you're not willing to blow dry, you won't want to flat iron ;)

Then you have to take into consideration texture, amount of hair, etc. etc.

Go to a good salon. Pay a little extra and tell the stylist what you're looking for. Give them your conditions (no blow drying, little product, etc.) and let the stylist give you a cut that works for you.

And post pictures.

Posted by Blogger Jennifer @ 8:29 AM #

I also agree with Bri and Jennifer.

Ideally, I recommend stopping people in grocery stores or who you otherwise know, who have FABULOUS haircuts, and getting them to tell you where they get it done.

It doesn't have to be a haircut you think would look good on you, but if they have fine straight hair, that's probably a bonus. Look for a haircut that looks like the cutter needed to do precise work to create that haircut.

I too have fine, thick, pretty-much-straight hair and a strong disinclination to doing daily work related to it, beyond a shampoo and brush-through. You probably will have to do every-couple-of-months hair upkeep no matter what you pick.

Having followed my own advice, for the first time ever, I have a hair person whose work I love. She even talked me out of a drastic post-baby, post-partum-depression haircut. :)

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 8:42 AM #

I agree with ms.bri. I'd been going to Mastercuts, where the stylists want you to tell them exactly what to do, and it all gets lost in translation or falls victim to lack of skill, or they don't have the balls to say, "That's not such a good idea."

I took the plunge late this winter, went to a pricier salon and basically said, "I am willing to wash my hair every other day at most. I hate product, but I'll use it for a special occasion. I will never heat-style my hair, not even in winter. If I walk out of here looking good, and if I look good after my next home shampoo and towel dry, you've got a loyal customer."

The only question she asked was "How much length would you like?" I said, "Beats me, you're the pro."

She did her thing, and next thing I know I'm getting compliments on my hair for the first time in my entire life.

Went for a cut Wednesday and asked her what she thought about some streaks or highlights. She said, and I quote, "For you? Um, no."

End of discussion.

She's my hairbitch and I trust her. Get thee a hairbitch, sister.

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 9:21 AM #

LOL, Zilla- hairbitch!
When I got my cut I took in a photo that I wanted just to show the general idea. The stylist said that my hair was too thick for that & so he created a similar look- but for my hair issues.
So um, yeah, what everyone else said: find a stylist you trust & then (gasp) surrender. (But I would bring in those photos just so they can get an idea.)
SO exciting!!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:47 AM #

Love the cut. Your hair does seem suited to it, but it will require a fair amount of work to make it look like that. The piecey look generally requires product to texturize it and make it look, well, piecey. Of course, sticy "product in my hair" feeling has a lot to do with the product itself. If you use something like a gel it will get crunchy. If you use something like Tigi Manipulator (which is what I used when my hair was super-short and spiky/piecy) you don't have that gunky feeling at all. Good luck!

Posted by Blogger Kate @ 11:05 AM #

I have cut one and I love it. But I do need to blow dry it and mush some crap into it on workdays. The last time I had it done she cut layers into it so it would have some volume (I also have super straight fine hair) without as much work. I like having the front longer than the back.

Posted by Anonymous Anne @ 11:37 PM #

Yeah, just remember, you can always go shorter if you want later, so I wouldn't go too short. Both of these are really cute cuts. I would recommend making sure you have a good hairdresser who will know if what you want will work on you or not and if not, can suggest something that will.

Do we get to see the final product?

Posted by Blogger M. @ 3:38 PM #
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