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For the last 2 years people have been trying to convince Kristin to make her baby hats to sell. Well, we're finally doing it (she taught me how to make them, too). We're moving from giving them away to selling them. Now you, too, can give the coolest baby hats around.

We're selling them for $20 each. Scarves are also $20. A matching set is $35. To order email trista_kristin@yahoo.com and specify the age of the child, the main color, and the level of funkiness you can tolerate. As we get more made, I'll post pictures of them and you can order specific hats as they're available.

I know it's only July, but the holiday season is rocketing closer as we speak...

Oh yeah, and we're willing to make older child and adult sized hats too, email for pricing.

Posted by Trista @ 4:31 PM

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Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 4:53 PM #

OMG! I need to get knocked up PRONTO so that I can have a baby just to wear just a CUTE hat!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 9:44 AM #
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We're Selling Hand Crocheted Baby Hats!

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