Bye bye, fur

Zoe's not exactly thrilled with her new look
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
We had a long, cold & rainy spring this year. So it's a bit later than normal, but I present to you Ms. Zoe in her Sizzling Summer Style. We think she looks so cute. Like a black lion, or a panther, or even, from some angles, like a black worm. Even though I have witnessed this transformation for 6 years now, it still always takes me by surprise exactly how tiny and skinny our cat is under all her fur. She's pencil thin. She's all spit and fur and attitude.

Just to remind you what she looked like prior to the onset of the clippers, I present to you this picture:
Zoe letting me take her picture for once

Though she doesn't look it, she really is much more comfortable with her fur gone now that it's so hot here. And with the first cold night she'll poof out with fur like a dandelion...

Posted by Trista @ 8:34 AM

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Does she stay still for this? I can't imagine our black cats sitting still for a clipping!

Posted by Blogger Blondie @ 8:48 AM #

I like the hairy look, but yes in way she does look cute.

Posted by Blogger Spin_Doc1 @ 8:53 AM #

The first year we had our cats shaved, well, the first year I was there for the shaving, we were pretty broke. The groomer charged $70 per cat, but electric clippers were only $10. And they would work for both cats for years to come. Hmmm, we thought. $10 or $140? $140 or $10? The decision was easy. $10, of course.

4 days, 25 deep & bloody scratches, 1 clipped off cat nipple, and an apartment thigh deep in cat hair later, we conceded that $140 would have been a bargain.

Which is a long way of saying that I have no idea if she holds still for the groomers or not. We stay far, far away so as to avoid the elastic swipe of her razor claws and the brain-melting sound of her yowl...

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 8:56 AM #

I am laughing so hard! Talula is about a week away from getting a clipping as well! Her problem is that her hair gets horrible matts this time of year & she just gives up on grooming.

Talula also looks so regal with the sheered look. I think it is annoying to them to get shaved- but in the end they love it!

Zoe- you look wonderful!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 8:59 AM #

My sister shaves her cats in the summer too. I thought it was weird, but it makes sense. Especially for black cats, because it is so dang hot out.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:59 PM #

our problem is that Cougie, the poofy little old man gets mats in the summer, too, BUT... most groomers won't take seniors. So I just have to go after the mats with scissors.

usually, he just sits by the AC most of the time, and since they are all indoor cats, we're not too worried...

Zoe's pride looks worse off than her fur, however! :)

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 1:38 PM #

Zoe gets huge matts, too. So the heat, the mats, and the piles of cat-hair-vomit convince us that shaving is the way to go...

And actually, it really is funny that she always looks so mean in her photos, because she's the most lovinest cat you ever did see. She just hates having her picture taken. I don't know if it's the camera, the flash, or the fact that you're paying attention to her and yet not petting her... she didn't look this upset until I pulled the camera out.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 1:45 PM #

Oh my gosh that is FUNNY!

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 4:45 PM #

like I said on flickr she looks so funny like wearing boots :-)

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 8:20 PM #
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