And the winner is...

Kate. For guessing right on that I had prepatellar bursitis. I went to the doctor Friday afternoon and that's what they decided it was. The stuck a big needle in it and pulled out a whole bunch of pretty-colored fluid and then x-rayed my knee. Nothing broken, nothing torn. Just a very inflamed bursa. Then they wrapped it, gave me a prescription for ibuprofen 800's and sent me on my way. I'm supposed to keep the knee elevated and iced and watch for swelling. I was worried that my knee would swell on the plane because limbs tend to swell on a plane anyway, and there's no way that in coach, with a lap baby, I could keep my knee elevated. Well, the knee did fine, it's my left ANKLE that's currently resembling a balloon.

We didn't make our 2 AM flight to Houston Saturday morning, but did get on the 8 AM flight. Julia did well, considering. After screaming her way through the ascent, she fell asleep and woke up in time to cry all the day back down.

And then she was peachy for the rest of the trip.

It was great to see Kristin's family, and her sister's kids are so wonderful with Julia.

We got bumped off the afternoon flight back to SLC, though, and so didn't get back home until after Midnight. I'm exhausted. Kristin's exhausted. I actually had 2 deadlines at work this morning, and the adrenaline I summoned to get me through them on so little sleep has left me shaky and spacy and irritable. In addition to the irritability that I'm currently experiencing because I'm stuck in pre-mentrual HELL. No period. Endless amounts of bloating and hormones, though.

I'm thinking up a great post about navigation and mountains, however. So stay tuned for that.

Oh, yeah, and I'm changing the S Project rules. A new theme every TWO weeks. Cause there's just no way I can get a story written every week...

Posted by Trista @ 12:31 PM

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Glad you guys made it safe and sound!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:04 PM #

Oh thank goodness you took your bursitis and got yourself some burhelp. Stubborn ass so-and-so...

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 2:14 PM #
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