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Sorry to be so post happy today, I just had to share this and then I'll shut up. Scroll down two posts if you want to see some beautiful pictures of my water baby which I'm afraid are going to get lost in my deluge of words today.

I don't know if it was my own eloquence, the "cut direct" on Pride Day, or the fact that there's been a bunch of hits on my blog over the last month or so from google searches related to this issue, but Kristin just forwarded me this email and there's a little tear on my cheek from the rush of emotions. Really, this is all I wanted: a bit of inclusion in the community, a feeling that we weren't to be completely ostracized just because we'd chosen to have children, an acknowledgement that my points were justified. It's funny because a friend of mine was asking how this was going at Saturday's bbq and I was telling him how frustrated I was getting and how ready I was to just start my own...

Hi Trista,

Since your email there has been much dialogue here at the Center about how kids could be included at the Potlucks so that families feel welcome, while still honoring the founders intention to have the potlucks be a place where adults could be with other adults, discussing adult themes and topics. I see the value in having both options available, and have been pondering many issues, even down to liability issues. I have seen examples of how other groups handle this issue and have taken ideas and feedback from various sources. This is what we have come up with, which I think will give opportunities for every one to get a chance to attend on a regular basis, if not every month. I would very much appreciate it if you would contact me directly with any feedback,

Greetings fellow Potluckers and potential new members!!

We have decided to allow the host of each Potluck to determine if kids are welcome at the potluck that they are hosting in their home. There are several reasons we have decided to make the change, including feedback from participants, but the biggest reason is to be more inclusive of all segments of our community of all colors and configurations, including parents, kids, single folk, and couples.

Hosts should be given the liberty to decide what is appropriate in their home environment, as they already do with pets and alcohol.

***Please be sure to make it clear in all your communications whether or not it is a child inclusive event, if alcohol is okay, and if pets are in your home for those who might be allergic.

It is important to remember that parent(s) are at all times responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their children and it is up to the parent(s) to determine if any particular gathering is appropriate for their child, not vice versa.

Please do not feel pressured one way or the other about the potluck you host. Both kid inclusive and adult only gatherings have their appeal for different reasons. You are free to determine which kind of gathering you host, as well as which kind of gathering you attend.

The Potlucks have been amazingly successful and FUN so far, and we hope this decision makes the socials even more inviting! Thanks for all you do to make this program run smoothly and to continue to grow and flourish!

We have been in contact with the woman who captains the Sugarhouse charter and she was telling us that she had no problem with letting children attend, but that the blanket rules had her hands tied. Kristin and I can't wait to attend our first potluck, and we can't wait to host one!

Posted by Trista @ 11:45 AM

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wow! look what YOU did!
I am just awed over your productivity.

by the way, word verification:

hee hee

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 12:48 PM #

Congratulations! Pretty impressive determination on your part. Good for you! You have triumphed over a monkey-butt! Oops...or donkey-butt.

Posted by Blogger Brooke @ 6:44 AM #

Oh, that is GREAT!

Posted by Blogger Tamsin @ 5:14 AM #
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