Why I am not an investigative reporter


1) What did it feel like to see your name on a real, honest-to-god book for the first time?
2) What is the thing that you are proudest of Jill for doing?
3) What is the thing that you are proudest of yourself for doing?
4) I am in earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not excuse; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard.” – William Lloyd Garrison. Have you ever felt this in your life? What was it about and what happened?
5) Do you think Maple cabinets and Cherry Cabinets can look good together in the same kitchen? Why or why not?


1) What thing about pregnancy do you think is going to be the hardest thing to reconcile with your self-identity/presentation?
2) How do you feel about the fact that your Portland is “the other” Portland?
3) If you could only eat one kind of cheese for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4) Kurt Vonnegut said, “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be.” What, if anything, have you ever pretended to be?
5) If you were laying a tile floor, and after it was all done and grouted you realized that the crookedest tiles were in the middle of the floor where everyone could see, and the straightest tiles were going to be hidden by cabinets, would you cry?


1) You’re surrounded by so many idiots so much of the time, how do you deal?
2) Is the career you have now the career you always wanted to have? Is it the one you always want to have?
3) If you could magically poof your entire life to another location, where would that be and why?
4) “The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous” – Shana Alexander. Have you ever had a moment where someone else’s excellence has made you nervous? Has anyone ever exhibited nervousness about your own excellence? How did you react to that?
5) If you had wall cabinets in Cherry and base cabinets in maple, and walls of knotty pine and floors (in the adjoining room) of aged oak, what kind of wood would you make your banister out of? If you picked Cherry, would you actually use Alder (the poor man’s cherry) or would you keep the fake banister made of 2x4s until you could afford real cherry?


1) If you were in Germany, and you spoke only German, and this crazy American woman came up to you speaking pidgin-German and was trying to get you to tell her where a public phone was located, but didn’t know the word for Phone in German, would you help her and even try to make conversation, or would you look at her like she was an insane terrorist and walk away? Please explain your answer.
2) How did you make that really cool picture of the fetus in BB’s stomach?
3) Did you speak German before moving to Germany? How long did it take you to learn it if not?
4) Why do you guys live in Germany and not Canada? How did you make the decision about who would relocate their life?
5) If you were setting tiles in mortar, and you poured the mortar powder in the bucket first and then added water, and big lumps formed that neither the stirring shovel nor a stick could dislodge, would you plunge your hands in to mix it that way, or would you just throw the whole mess away and go for lunch?


1) How long did it take you to write your first book?
2) “Wonder is what sets us apart from other life forms. No other species wonders about the meaning of existence or the complexity of the universe or themselves.” – Herbert W. Boyer. What do you find yourself wondering about on a consistent basis? Do you ever wonder if, when animals seemingly stare into nothing, they are really wondering about these things, too, but just can’t tell us?
3) You mentioned once that Faith is your chosen name. How did you choose it, when and why?
4) Have you ever thought of something you wanted to change in your life, something that could be changed, and then did so?
5) If you had a grody wound on your wrist, one that you had given youself in an act of supreme stupidity, would you show it to everyone and tell them how stupid you are, or would you keep it discretely hidden and/or make up a story that showed your intelligence and valor to explain how you got it?

Don't forget to ask to interviewees yourselves!

Posted by Trista @ 12:01 PM

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lol. these should be good. :)

Posted by Blogger Kate @ 4:53 PM #

Mine are up, as of late last night. Trista asks great questions!

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 8:40 AM #
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