Photo Friday: The Cow Pitcher

The tackiest thing in our house
Originally uploaded by Temmerling.
I almost didn't participate in this week's Photo Friday. Because everything in my house is of the highest quality and taste. But then Kristin pointed out what a lie that is... and then I caught sight of her cow pitcher. And that, folks, is THE tackiest thing in our house. The cow milk pitcher. Kristin bought it when she was 12 and started putting a cedar chest together. She liked cows at the time. REALLY liked cows. Her older sister cautioned her against the cow theme, saying that Kristin may not even like cows by the time she was 18, but the 12 year old Kristin scoffed at her.

By the time Kristin was 18, she DID hate the cows. But she didn't want her sister to be right, so she pretended that she still liked them, and held on to them all the way until I moved in with her. Gradually we've been phasing the cows out of service. This is the most recently retired piece, but we still haven't found a new home for her yet. We still have 2 salt&pepper sets, and two canisters doing loyal service in the kitchen... any takers?

Posted by Trista @ 7:13 AM

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Well I like it! and I could take them! hehehehe

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 12:16 PM #

Oh, I think the cow pitcher is adorable!!
(I am not into cow themes, but I love that pitcher.) I do have cowbell earrings. They actually have a very tiny , um, thing in the middle of a bell that makes it ring, so I hear them chiming (very very softly) when I wear them. I think it's funny.

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 7:26 PM #

If you only have ONE tacky thing in your home, then by all means, keep it. It will make your guests less intimidated by your good taste.

Besides, it is kinda cute.

Posted by Blogger Veronica Mitchell @ 9:37 PM #

When I was a little kid (<4) my parents had this miniature pitcher in the shape of a cow. You used it for cream or milk when company was over, and the milk came out of this slot in the cow's mouth. So I actually have warm feelings about your cow pitcher.

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 9:01 AM #

Lorem, they had the same cow pitchers at my college's on-campus cafe. That's probably why I have my cow soft spot.

Posted by Blogger Lo @ 6:20 PM #

I think the cow is cute!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 11:24 AM #

I kinda like the cow too...

Posted by Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom) @ 1:18 PM #
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