Weekend Roundup

New Do
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1) I got a new haircolor. It's a bit lighter than I expected but (I think) lovely nonetheless.

2) We did not. I repeat: Did NOT work on our kitchen this weekend.

3) Saturday late afternoon we (Mamas, baby, dog pack -- the cat refused to come) took a long walk to Old Sugarhouse (SLC's own little bit of transposed San Francisco beautiful freakiness) got some serendipitous free Italian Ices and walked back home through the park. I forgot to grab the camera.

4) From this walk we suspected that Julia may suffer from what used to be called Hay Fever. Our suspicions are heightened when we spend most of Sunday afternoon at a park and she is watery-eyed, runny-nosed, and miserable by the end.
Allergy Eyes
5) Kristin and I hosted the Gay and Lesbian Parents of Utah's April activity. We did an Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic at the park and were told by several people that it was the Best. One. Ever. We are Super Cool. And Flush with the Power of our Triumph. Super Mom
6) While moving some pavers that were stacked by the side of our house I found my diploma. The original one that had been mailed on 12/27/2005. It was wedged in between the pavers and the wall of our house underneath the old mail slot. We don't use the mail slot because our Mailperson (normally) refuses to enter our yard because of the dogs. Though it's been outside during half of the winter, it's in better condition than the one I received a few weeks ago that was bent in half.
7) And, finally, we worked a bit on Julia's potty training. Diaperless by a year, here we come! No. But I have noticed that when I notice her trying to poop, she has an easier time with it if I take her diaper off and place her on the toilet. Easier for her to get them out, less mess for us to clean up. I forget how tiny she is, though, until I see her in a picture like this...
Potty Training

Posted by Trista @ 9:05 AM

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LOVE the hair color.

And the picture of Julia on the potty... that is a riot. She is a little munchkin, huh?

Posted by Blogger Kiker @ 9:35 AM #

Love the potty picture! My own goal is diaperless by 3! I rather wish I had started at Julia's age though. Good luck!

Posted by Blogger K. @ 11:17 AM #

Hey nice picture, just try not to drop her in!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:28 PM #

i like the haircolor too, of course I am a bit biased because that is close to my color! Great minds think alike :)

I did the potty thing too with Lily, as she'd poo every 3rd day and start grunting. I struck the same Crouching Mom, Poo-ing Baby pose and Yay one less diaper to change and less poo to wipe!

Posted by Blogger Lizzardbits @ 1:54 PM #

Yes, nice hair! And nice blackmail potential with that potty picture someday when Miss Julia grows up and develops a love life. You know, when she's forty and allowed to date.

Posted by Blogger Anne @ 4:45 PM #

that color is fantastic it looks really good on you...

I'm off to cancun... see ya soon!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 10:39 PM #

loving the new hair!

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 8:54 AM #
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