things I have done recently (and aren't you all just dying to know)

A list of what I have done in the last week (in no particular order):

1) Did a happy happy joy joy dance, Balki style, over the fact that it is light when I go to work AND when I come home.

2) Gave my daughter 1000+ kisses to her scrumptious cheeks

3) Introduced Julia to the joys of Chevre.

4) Enjoyed (and shared, oh yes, I did share) some of the most decadent and scrumptious brownies ever created. When Sacha tells you that she's sending you brownies, fall to your knees and weep with your good fortune. This is a little belated, but when Jen says she's sending you cookies, you should do the same thing, and plan on eating them all in one sitting. DAMN, but these bloggers are good bakers.

5) Titivated. Merr and Summer came over and we all titivated together both Saturday and Sunday. We titivated the living room. We titivated the library. We titivated the bookcases. Kristin and Merr even went and did some titivating in the bedroom. Believe me, after all that titivating we deserved those luxurious brownies. We call this Stage One of an uncounted number of stages required to baby-proof our house in anticipation of the little crawler/cruiser that is soon to be on our hands. I would show you before pics, but I didn't bother to take any. And believe me, it's not that the house was that messy before we started. At least not this part (we will get to titivating the messy part in a week or so). It was just... um... cluttery.

6) Watched with pure joy as either Bob or Babs of the scrubjay couple that, for the last 2 summers, has nested and raised chicks in the Hawthorne tree in our backyard, returned to scope out the neighborhood again. Yay! Maybe baby scrubjays again this summer!

7) Observed emergent tulip, daffodile, and crocus leaves pushing their way through our garden soil.

8) Finally hung the matchstick blinds we bought ages ago while nesting.

9) Went out for yummy sushi with some friends that we really need to get closer to now that They Who Have Chosen to Abandon Us are so happy off in Portland.

10) Did some more work on our massive picture archiving project. At this point I only have 2004 and 2005 left to do. And 2004 was a lean year for pictures. Soon, soon, I will be finished with our pictures and can start on my mother's. Then, my friends, the hilarity will start.

Phew. I'm exhausted.

Posted by Trista @ 1:03 PM

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busy week you had!
let me just say that you took me way back with this post by metioning Balki!!! Oh My God, I Loved that show!!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 11:01 AM #

A Balki reference! I had such a crush on Balki. I used to masturbate in my parent's jacuzzi while thinking about Balki...

Perhaps you didn't need to know that, but since I know about your tear drop shaped poop? Even Steven?

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 11:50 AM #

I second your brownie experience. And I also am doing a lot of baby kissing this week. And he has learned to kiss back. He leans in, lips puckered and says "mmmmaa" then plants a big fat one right on your lips. Good stuff.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 12:17 PM #

Titivating was fun. Hopefully you guys don't hate us now. Just remember we are just giving our opinion. You won't hurt our feelings if you don't like our ideas. We are different in alot of ways. Those brownies were good. What shall we do next weekend?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:45 PM #

now I am tired just reading your list.
off to nap...

Posted by Blogger Calliope @ 1:47 PM #

I like to read about your titivation. Lots and lots of titivation. You must be tired, after that!

Posted by Anonymous lauri @ 4:43 PM #

Um, perhaps I missed something, but what's with all the cookies and brownies? I missed your birthday didn't I? I've been a bad, bad blogger.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 6:57 PM #
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