What we're feeding her

sippy cup
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Right now, Julia eats:

Sweet potatoes
Green Beans
Goat Cheese
Ice Cream

The one thing we've tried with her that we think she may be sensitive to is bananas. They seem to give her a stuffy nose.

Right now, if she sees a person drinking from a glass, she immediately eschews her bottle and demands a glass of her own. But she still doesn't have the concept of sipping from the sippy cup. So we're giving it to her sans valve. It's messier that way, but less so than a regular cup. Now, if only she'll hold it herself!

Posted by Trista @ 8:31 AM

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Charlie drinks water and occasionally chews on toast.
He has absolutely no interest in a cup. He's too lazy.
Interesting menu the little lady has.

Posted by Blogger Estelle @ 9:44 AM #

A million different comments are coming to mind right now. I trickled over here from Assclown's blog. (Nice job over there by the way.)

Julia is super cute. It's not fair that you alone are subjected to that beauty every day. I'm glad you share.

Regarding the bananas. My daughter is allergic to bananas and if your daughter has a true allergy, you'll want to be careful around latex too. Often times, those two allergies are related. Just to keep in mind - mom to mom.

Posted by Blogger naive-no-more @ 10:37 AM #

Wow very interesting menu. Weird stuff for a 6 month old to eat eh? Has she liked all of it?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:42 PM #

Super Cute!!!

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 3:16 PM #

What a long, varied list!

My husband is allergic to bananas too. Strange, but true.

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 6:30 PM #
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