Cold Moon

Today is Friday the 13th AND a full moon. What are you doing to celebrate?

The Cold Moon (or the Rowan moon) is the first full moon after Yule. It is a time of introspection and meditation -- a time when we look over the past as we look to the future.

In that spirit, I am announcing that I would really like to put together a...

FAQ Page! (Frequently Asked Questions, for those of you not in the know about acronyms.)

The only problem is that so few people ask me any questions, I have no idea what questions to put on my page. So far I only have two:

  • You seem so nice, why don't you have any friends?
  • Are you such a bitch to everyone, or is this behavior special for me?
So, think hard about what it is you would like to know (it doesn't just have to be about me) and submit your questions. I will answer them as best I can and then create the FAQ page and post it in my sidebar. Questions can be anonymous, but they don't have to be. I'll start working on the page next week, so you have all weekend to think up your contribution. Of course, I will continue to update the page with late submissions, so if you're reading this in my archives, and have a burning question, please feel free to ask it.

Thank you

Posted by Trista @ 8:09 AM

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Okay, I have a couple:
1. How long have you and Kristin been together?
2. What was the timeframe between deciding to have a child and Julia's conception?
3. Will you use the same donor for your next child?

There's a start...

Have a great weekend.

Oh, and I will be your friend despite said bitchy behavior. ;)

Posted by Blogger Kiker @ 9:10 AM #

Hm, my thinking started along the same lines.
1. Maybe with the first one above you could tell us how you and Kristin met, and about your wedding(both times).
2. A bit about your folks. Grandparents, parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, favorite aunts and uncles, etc.
3. The religion(s) you practice and how you plan to raise Julia.

How's that? -Kate-

Posted by Blogger starevelina @ 10:01 AM #

Everyone else stole my questions... especially about using the same donor for the next child. For some reason, I was actually thinking about that last night.

Val (aka, Catch) and I were chatting over dinner the other night about baby names. I mentioned that if I were ever to have a son, I'd want to name him after my grandfather. That got us talking more about the subject, and she told me that she loves the name Julia for a girl. I thought of you!

I hope you start feeling better soon. It seems like everyone is sick, lately. I don't blame you for laving Julia for the day so you can get some rest... it's not as if you can be the best mommy when you're sick, anyway... and I'm sure she receives plenty of love where she is.

Posted by Anonymous Molly @ 10:25 AM #

What do you consider your most significant achievement in your life so far?

What's your favorite meal?

What's your favorite color?

Posted by Blogger Sacha @ 5:34 PM #

hmm, a question...

What is it like being a lesbian mom in Utah :)?

Posted by Anonymous trey @ 5:45 PM #

What do you want to be when you grow up?

When you were 7, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What's your favorite poem that you've written?

What's your favorite piece of writing by someone else?

Posted by Anonymous Liza @ 6:03 PM #

I think one of my main questions has already been answered -- about the lesbian mom in Utah. My husband and I live in Provo and I know how difficult it can be living in this community when you're not LDS. Although SLC is more "diverse" so to speak, I've always wondered what your thoughts were. Also (and I apologize if you're already talked about some of these, I'll have to take some time and look through your archives)...

How did you choose your donor?

Why Utah?

Posted by Anonymous Mandy @ 9:15 AM #

...this coming from someone that really doesnt know you and someone that questions their sexuality on a daily basis....
when did you know you were a lesbian
how old were you when you came out
how did your family react

when i was with my girlfriend we talked about having kids but had no idea how to find a donor, etc. I mean, we're in frickin Mississippi, which has to be as bad or worse than Utah.

anyway...i'd just like to know stuff like that. I'll ok through your archives too.

Posted by Blogger Jil @ 5:59 PM #

All great questions....all I can add is:

How did you pick Julia's name?

What boy names do you have picked out for #2.

When will you start TTC again?

Posted by Blogger M. @ 11:04 AM #
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