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We all have sinus infections today. I am certain that this is because I was inundated with foreign sink slime yesterday. Well, maybe it was in anticipation of such a deluge as Kristin and Julia went to the doctor last night before I dragged my sorry-ass filth-flecked self home yesterday. Normally a baby receives their first course of antibiotics for an ear infection. Not Julia. Nope. Full-blown, authentic sinus infection. Julia is such her mother's daugter. If anyone was wondering if we had brought home a baby that wasn't really ours, this should set your mind at ease.

I have spent most of the morning attempting to model good sleep behavior for Julia. She has, for the most part, been uninterested in good sleep behavior, preferring instead of cough and sniffle and giggle and play with her snot. Yes, she is STILL unnaturally cheerfull. In this she is like a little alien baby, as both of her mommies are extremely crotchety when sick.

She has finally finished dropping off in her swing and it is safe for me to return to bed. I know I owe people emails (namely you, Lauri) and I will return them this afternoon or evening, snot permitting.

Posted by Trista @ 8:43 AM

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I hope you feel better!

I would offer to bring you some juice, but:
a) it would take a LONG time for me to fly out to Utah to get it to you, and
b) I seem to buy poo-juice, and NO ONE wants that!

Feel better!

Posted by Blogger Kiker @ 12:41 PM #

Yuck! Sinus infections. I was diagnosed with one three months ago for the first time. Of course, it wasn't actually my first sinus infection. I'm sure I've had several. There was the year I played basketball in middle school and would hack all the way home from practice every day. It's kind of liberating to figure out what that was for.

Going to doctors wasn't a common thing in our family.

Posted by Blogger StateShift @ 1:28 PM #

I feel more famous every day. Thank you:)

I think Julia and I will get along fabulously. We will have entire conversations composed solely of smiles and little laughters.

Hope you feel better soon:)

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:02 PM #

I hope you're all feeling a lot better very soon. Sinus infections suck!


Posted by Blogger Faith @ 7:50 AM #

hope you guys are feeling better!

Posted by Blogger Jil @ 8:07 AM #
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