Casa de las bacteria

Still sick. Julia is doing better, though we are having to siphon large amounts of mucus from her cute little button nose.

Today I am being a bad mama. While Kristin and Julia have been getting better, I have been getting worse. I've actually been running a fever, and that for me is a bad sign. So, Julia is at A's house and I am at home. That's the bad mama part. Because it's not like Julia has competely recovered yet. I mean, yes, she is no longer running a fever, and she has her energy back, and she's completely bored at home, BUT she is still very congested, still tires more easily, and wants to be held more than normal. In other words, she could still use a day home, but there is no way that I can get the rest I need to get better if I'm trying to keep up with her. So, off to daycare for a few hours.

She is SO going to put me in a bad resthome when I get old.

PS- my beloved lurkers, I hear you. New terms (frenchified and everything) will be coming forthwith (as soon as I am thinking clearly) as well as a permanent picture of Julia in her blue-green hair hat.

Posted by Trista @ 8:00 AM

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C'mon, Trista, you know that taking care of yourself makes you a better mom. I'm sure Julia will be just fine today, and enjoy you more when you're feeling better. And I'm looking forward to your FAQ page, even though I don't have any questions to ask.

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 11:37 AM #
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