A Meme to Sum Up the Year

(because I don't yet have the pictures ready for my Mormon Housewife Politics Post)

Thanks Liza for the idea!

You take the first sentence of the first post of each month...

January: Lots to say, no time to say it (hopefully some will come tomorrow) but hey, aren't my new shoes cute?

February: It seems everyone is talking about adoption these days.

March: Sometimes it seems as if my life is made up of one long search for mysterious bad smells.

April: Earlier today I would only have agreed with the negativity part of this evaluation.

May: Picture this (or don't, actually, I'm really not sure anyone really wants this in their head): I had a headache all night.

June: While Kristin and I were on our night-time tour of Portland, N took us around some of the neighborhoods that she thought we might be interested in moving to.

July: A few days ago, K of Odyssey to Conception wrote about a frightening incident involving her daughter, a rock, and a lot of blood.

August: You know you're a mother when... you fix your morning iced latte in a sippy cup because you can't find your chic stainless steel travel mug.

September: I'll take happy wherever I can get it these days.

October: It turns out Julia LOVES the circus.

November: I'm supposed to start a novel today.

December: Because Cali wanted snow pictures, and because I'm behind in the Photo Friday game... I've got a GREAT idea for G, hopefully I'll get to it over the weekend or Monday...

Wow. I look over those opening sentences and I see a lot of things not-done... a lot of good intentions not followed through with, and a lot of depression. Here's to hoping for a better year next year.

Posted by Trista @ 12:26 PM

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love your meme and really love your blog header picture. Am I just slow or is that new?
hugs to you

Posted by Anonymous Rae @ 12:51 PM #

A friend of mine who is an avid blog reader and I were talking about your blog the other day. We were saying good things. When I have time to read (which isn't often, during my busy holiday business season) yours is usually the first one I check out. You are charming and witty and real, and I look forward to another year of posts from you.


Posted by Blogger Blue @ 10:42 PM #

I just love your writing - whatever mood you're in!

And thanks for the comment-nudge on my defunct-for-far-too-long blog Trista - I'm baaack ;o)

Posted by Blogger Tamsin @ 4:16 AM #
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