In Honor of National Coming Out Day

Which was yesterday (cough, cough). So, I guess it's fitting that I offer you a rerun from last January.

People, I present to you...

My coming out story.


Posted by Trista @ 8:57 AM

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for some reason when I was pulling up your blog, it was stuck on your 'perpetual student' entry. Day after day. I was about to email you a what the f is going on over there email, when I brilliantly decided to click the refresh button. Voila. K, now I'm going to read your coming out story.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 10:36 AM #

I like coming out stories. I don't know why -- I guess maybe they just reveal a lot, quickly, about the outcoming person. I've never had the opportunity to come out, because, you know, not having the opportunity to come out is one of the downsides of being straight.

Only two people have ever come out to me. I consider each of those experiences to be a huge compliment. The first was my younger brother-inlaw, who truly believed I would shun him; the second was a co-worker whose parents had just shunned him for coming out -- he needed refuge, and I had space.

I know that if I came out, my mother would accept me. I wish every person could have a mom like that.

I wish straight people could come out. Can you imagine? "Mom, dad. I need to tell you something. Please sit down. Okay, this isn't easy, but I have to tell you something. I'm ... well, I'm ... ugh. I can't do this."

"Jenny, are you trying to tell us that you're straight? Because if you're trying to tell us you're straight, you should know that we know, and we're okay with it, we love you, and we're sorry for snooping through your panty drawer. Good choice, by the way. Condoms are way less risky than pills."


Posted by Blogger zilla @ 7:28 PM #
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