There's a Rimree in my hoohaa

I think that's a great title. So I'm using it now because I won't get a chance to use it later:

For the benefit of your continuing care we suggest that you contact a
center who does give complete treatment to lesbian couples. In the past the
University of Utah has provided this care.

That stiff little note is what I received in answer to my inquiry about whether the fine gentlemen at Fertilitydr.com would help lesbians conceive.

Ok, so there's still Dr. Hot Shot at the U, or maybe one of his colleagues. And we met some women who used a clinic 2 counties away, I'm going to call them and get the name of their clinic/doctor.

But those will just be "just in case" actions. What I'm really putting my money on is wishing. Because the clomid will work this month.

Now everybody click your ovaries (or testes if you have them) together and say it with me now: The clomid will work this month. The clomid will work this month. The clomid will work this month. The clomid will work...

Posted by Trista @ 5:48 PM

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ASSHOLES! They have rimrees stuck up where the sun don't shine.

Remind me again, why exactly it is that you live in Utah? I know it's beautiful and everything, but the mormos scare me.

Crossing everything that the clomid works its magic.

Posted by Blogger art-sweet @ 6:30 PM #

The clomid will work....
The clomid will work...
The clomid will work...
There's no place like home....
ooops, sorry.

I hope it works for you this month!

Posted by Blogger K. @ 9:37 PM #

I am a female Mormon 'rim'-no 'ree' unfortunately. If I could get you pregnant, I would. Since I can't...I'm clicking my ovaries and chanting (and suffering from fertility guilt).

I've never understood why a church that embraces 'the family' so fully, would be so gung-ho to have gay people live their lives single and celibate. It doesn't make sense to me. But that's probably commentary for my own blog. I'm sorry if I 'scare' you or any of your readers. If you knew me in person, I wouldn't.

Posted by Blogger Melessa @ 10:00 PM #

well, i've no ovaries OR testicles to click together but my uterus is doing a little fertility dance for you *wink*
I hope hope hope it works this month. It just has to!
BTW, I'm open to people linking me up again. So when/if you wanna change Anuenue Kauwahi to www.backyardmusings.wordpress.com feel free. I promise to stick around at this addy for a long long time. *grin*

Posted by Anonymous Rae @ 8:38 AM #

I can't click my ovaries cause they are hurting like hell (i have my period) Buuuuuuuut I can say:

tons of good vibes!!!!!

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 9:01 AM #

Stupid, narrow-minded assholes! Ah! I hated, hated, hated the doc I saw from Reproductive Care Ctr. He was so condescencing and belittling. Actually told us to just "relax and have sex 203 times a week" and I'm get pg. Even Cris wanted to punch the guy.

They don't deserve your business. I'm sorry that this is so tough. No one should be defined the chance to be a parent, no matter what their life choices are.

The clomid will work...
The clomid will work...
The clomid will work...

Posted by Blogger Mandy @ 10:44 AM #

That was supposed to be...

"No one should be denied the chance to be a parent..."

Rough day for me, already.

Posted by Blogger Mandy @ 10:45 AM #
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