Serum Progesterone

Yesterday I went for my serum progesterone test. This is an exciting new development since the test was ordered in MAY and this is the first month my cycle has been long enough to allow me to go get the test. Normally I start bleeding BEFORE it's time to go get the test. Well, there was last month. But I was certain that I hadn't ovulated, and then the lab was closed on the day that I should have gone to get the test...

Anyway, so I went to get the test yesterday. And I HATE having blood drawn. I get sick just walking into the lab. My skin -- which is pretty red in tone to start with -- actually turns GREEN during the procedure, and that's a lot of green to counteract all my natural red pigment. I've told people in my family that they're damn lucky we all have a very common blood type because if they ever had to rely on me for a blood donation they'd be up shit creek without a paddle. Except for Kristin and Julia, of course, but neither of them have my blood type, so I guess I'm safe. (Am I a horrible person for thinking this? Yes, yes I believe I am.

So yesterday I drank extra water to try to make the procedure easier. And I show up and roll up my sleeves and inform the vampire that my left arm is easier. And then I close my eyes because if I even SEE the implement used I will be violently sick all over the floor (and I was already feeling nauseated all yesterday but I forbid you to read anything into that, it was just nerves you hear?). So, she preps me and then sticks me and I gasp and focus on breathing... in, out, in... ("breathe!" the woman ordered) out. It seems to be taking a long time.

"Are you done yet?" I asked the woman.
"You're not bleeding" she replied. "Can you relax a little?"
"I am relaxed." I reply.

She pulled the apparatus out. I snuck a quick peek at my hands. They were grey and shaking and clammy.

She ended up using my hand. I have NEVER had to have my hand used before. But you know what? The hand wasn't NEARLY as bad as the arm. Piece of cake! I might start insisting on the hand every time.

Now what do you want to bet I get a cryptic message about my results at 4:55 this afternoon?

Posted by Trista @ 10:21 AM

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I hear ya sistah! I'm AWFUL about getting blood drawn. And I always have to alert them that I'm a fainter. "I have to lie down" I always say right up front. And I agree, the hand is WAY easier, though I did get a fine bruise one time I had that done. Still, much easier than the hunt-n-stab method that occurr when they try to stick me in my arm.

Posted by Blogger Brooke @ 1:59 PM #

I'm on pins and needles for the results! Yikes.

Posted by Blogger Sacha @ 9:34 PM #

I hated getting my blood drawn until I was pregnant and it happened all the time. I actually got used to it. I can even look at the needle now. SHOCKING.

Posted by Blogger charlotte @ 11:28 PM #

I'm a BIG FAT BABY when it comes to blood draws! I've actually passed out.

I'm a little better now after 2 years of ttc, but I SYILL hate it!

As for the not bleeding, perhaps you need some baby aspirin? to thin the blood a bit? Do you never bruise? If you get a cut does it take a while to bleed? Just a thought....

Posted by Blogger Shelli @ 6:22 AM #
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