memememememe BAT MAAAAAN!!!

Faith tagged me last week while I was in the midst of my obsession. Sorry it took so long to get to this, Faith.

What songs would you have on your personal "meaningful mix" CD? Here are the questions (along with my answers).
1) A favorite political track: 15 Miles to Baghdad by Lizzie West and the White Buffalo or Tony by Patti Griffin
2) One of those tracks that make you dance on the dancefloor no matter what: Closer by Nine Inch Nails
3) The song you’d use to tell someone you love them: Carmen by Paula Cole or After All by Dar Williams, depending on the circumstances -- If I wanted to tell a friend that I loved her and I could no longer maintain a platonic friendship (an all-too-common occurance in my early twenties, alas), I'd send the first song. But, if I had sent a song to Kristin to declare my love, I would have sent After All.
4) A song that has made you sit down and analyze its lyrics: Space Dog by Tori Amos (though, to tell the truth, most of Tori's songs take me a while to puzzle out -- if I ever get them at all!)
5) A song that you like, that a two year old would like as well: Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root. This song is so bouncy I can't imagine that a two year old wouldn't just bounce around the room with it.
6) A song that gives you an energy boost: Rock Me Right by Susan Tedeschi. Best. road trip. song. EVER.
7) A song that you and your grandparents (would probably) like: Elvis Presley Blues by Gillian Welch. My grandfather really likes the really old country/bluegrass stuff so I think he'd like Gillian.
8) A song that you really liked when you were 14-16, and still really like now: Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) by Janis Joplin. During my High School's Spirit Week when I was a Junior, one of the dress-up days was 50's-60's day (of course) almost every girl dressed in poodle skirts and sweaters and keds. They all looked like extras in Grease. I went in my dad's old fringed leather jacket with torn jeans, a painted face, my hair in braids and feathers, a headband, a "Make Love Not War" sign, and a tape player blasting Janis. I made quite a scene...
9) A sad song that would be in the soundtrack of the movie about your life: If I Wrote You by Dar Williams or Peter Pan by Patti Griffin
10) A peppy song that would start the opening credits of the movie about your life: Fishing in the Morning by Dar Williams (I should just admit it, if there were a movie about my life the soundtrack would be almost exclusively by Dar)
11) A good song from a genre of music that no one would guess that you liked: Swamp Thing (Southern Comfort Mix) by The Grid (techno/dance) from whence my love of the banjo was born...
12) A song that you think should have been playing when you were born. You Rise and Meet the Day by Dar Williams. Heck, if this had been playing maybe I would have absorbed some of its message and I might have turned out to be a bit more emotionally resiliant.
13) A favorite artist duo collaboration: I've Been Thinking by Handsome Boy Modeling School with Cat Power Thanks to Johnnydee for this one. Kristin and I can't get enough of it! (I was going to put another Dar song: I Know What Kind of Love This Is with Lucy Kaplansky, but I thought my list was getting too Dar heavy)
14) A favorite song that you completely disagree with (politically, morally, commonsenically,religiously etc.): Weave My Way by Brenda Weiler. I love this song, I love to sing it while dancing around the house pretending to be a folk singer giving a sold-out show to all the people I ever felt inadequate in front of (now the song-list for THAT imaginary concert is an impressive collection of songs!), but the lyrics sound way too co-dependent to me, like you're depending on someone else to ease your inner pain. But maybe I just misunderstand the song's meaning. (and yes, I realize that objecting to the co-dependency in this song even while I include it in my fantasy "Ha! Don't You Wish You Had Realized I Was So Cool and Talented So You Could Be My Friend Now" revenge concert is very ironic in a non-deliberately-ironic-to-make-a-point kind of way. I am nothing if not inconsistent)
15) The song that you like despite the fact your IQ level drops several points every time you listen to it: I Want You (the chicka cherry cola song. Thanks J!)
16) Your smooth song, for relaxing: Lush Life by Queen Latifah. Mmmmmmm, Queeeeeeen Latifahhhhhhh....
17) A song you would send to someone you hate or are mad at: Hmmm, I don't really send songs to people I hate or am mad at. How about a good break-up song instead? Hour Follows Hour by Ani Difranco or Nobody's Crying by Patti Griffin. They both have the perfect combination of pathos, bitter-sweet hard-earned wisdom, hope, and well-wishes that I always like to evoke when dumping someone. (That makes it sound like I've dumped a lot of people. Quite the opposite. Usually I'm the one dumped. Still, these are the songs I like to play when I have been. Except, Nobody's Crying came out after I got with Kristin. Still, I wish it had been out in my early 20's, I really could have used it...)
18) A favorite track from an outfit considered a “super-group”: Love Will Come to You by the Indigo Girls (I don't know if the Indigo Girls are considered a "super group" but they're pretty famous and such, so I'm saying they count)
19) A song that makes you reminsce about good times with a family member: Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch
20) Your favorite song at this moment in time: I don't have a favorite. But the two I find myself singing under my breath right now are Painting by Chagall by the Weepies and Fireflies by Lori McKenna

Damn! This is a good Cd. I should make it and send it out to the cd club!

Ok, this is the part where I tag people. I tag...
and about 5 other people (don't make me point fingers!)

Posted by Trista @ 8:59 AM

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Cool! It's amazing how much you learn about people with these memes. Now I've got to go to iTunes and check out your songs!

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 3:53 PM #

For the record, a 'supergroup' is not necessarily a group that is super; they usually are far from it. The term refers to a group made up of individuals who play in bigger, more popular groups for their day jobs. Examples: The Traveling Wilburys, Jack's White Raconteurs, Velvet Revolver (really G&R and STP combined).

But yeah, the Indigo Girls are pretty super. :-)

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 4:51 PM #

I meant Jack White's Raconteurs. Duh.

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 4:52 PM #

So I was feeling entitled, and decided I was one of the 5 unnamed people, and took the tag.

Posted by Blogger WendyLou @ 9:58 AM #

ok, I've been tagged, so what do I do now??? I have to make the list with my songs?
I've never been tagged hehehe

Posted by Blogger Sublime @ 10:13 AM #

My boyfriend's nephew totally knows ALL the words to the chicka cherry cola song!

Posted by Anonymous Krissy @ 10:39 AM #

It has words?!

Posted by Blogger Lorem ipsum @ 6:10 PM #
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