The Sullivan Institute

You remember the Sullivan Institute, don't you? I swear, they just won't go away! Yesterday they came up to our office again to invite us all to their open house. "Come enjoy our view!" their invitation reads. I politely pointed out that since we're 2 stories above them our view was better, but I didn't fling their invitation in their smug, well-scrubbed faces. The garbage can yes, but not their faces.

Then today I read this. Now how am I supposed to be gracious when the come up to bug us again? Cause they will, you know. Bothering people and getting into other people's business and space is their sole purpose in life.

Posted by Trista @ 9:48 AM

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I just look forward to the day that groups like this fade into the obscurity that they deserve.

Posted by Blogger Sacha @ 5:08 PM #

For the record, the Sullivan Institute referred to here has no relation to the group discussed in "Dreaming of Community" on the site www.ReflectionsInACrackedGlass.com

Posted by Anonymous Jon Mack @ 7:47 AM #
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