Now My Life is Complete

I have the best readers in the whole wide world. All I have to do is ask and I receive. Yesterday Leith was so generous to gift me with Dar's version of Highway Patrolman. How wonderful is that? It made my day. Leith, you totally made my day. I chortled, actually chortled, as I downloaded my song, moved it to the iPod immediately, and forced Kristin to listen to it. You know, Leith, when we start up the next round of the Crazy Mixed-up CD club you should totally join.

Following hot on the heels of yesterday's request is another. Well, I guess, more of an announcement. There's definitely something in it for you if you participate. You all know Zilla, right? She of the magnificent comments? Hair Bitch Zilla? Well, she's doing a cookbook. Anyone who submits can have a copy. The more people to submit the better a book it's going to be. I'm going to do it, and I thought some of you might like to do it too. Here are the rules. How cool is this? I wish I'd thought of it...

Finally, something else that makes my life complete:
Earlier this month SomeRandomChic published a link to the coolest onesie imaginable... we couldn't help it, we had to order one for Julia. It reads "I am an all powerful amazon warrior" from the Righteous Babe Store:

Warrior Pride

and, for you, a bonus "Amazon Yell"
Amazon Yell

Posted by Trista @ 8:25 AM

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Love the Amazon yell! She is such a cutie!

Posted by Blogger Faith @ 12:43 PM #

Thanks for the shout-out. So far, one participant via AoH!

Posted by Blogger zilla @ 8:30 PM #

Okay, I'll bite - what is the Crazy Mixed-up CD Club?

Posted by Blogger Leith @ 10:46 PM #

Oh. My. GOD.

Your child is the cutest thing since my child.

Y'all know how to pop 'em out up there.


Posted by Blogger Blue @ 8:21 AM #

Leith, the crazy mixed up CD club is a club I started last March. Participants each pick a week and send out copies of a mix cd to all the other participants. We're currently in the middle of our second round and it's going so well I think we'll do a third. When we get ready to start a third round I'll post an announcement for new participants. It's a lot of fun and a great way to get introduced to new music.

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 11:40 AM #

Ok Trista, since I seem forever trapped/swaddled in inlawland, unable to take the time to find your email addy buried in my comments somewhere, here's MY new email address. Just for you. psychobabyblue at yahoo dot come.

the Blue Ox, esquire

Posted by Blogger Blue @ 4:32 PM #

That is one of my favourite Ani songs of all time!!! If I have a girl I'm getting one of those shirts for sure. As always, Julie is the most beautiful baby ever known to mankind. *sigh* Must kill ya to look at that face every day.

Posted by Blogger Mermaidgrrrl @ 2:42 AM #
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