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Did you know that if I eat too many carrots on an empty stomach it makes me extremely nauseated? It’s true. I forgot and just ate an entire sandwich bag full for breakfast. Now I’m hating life. I’m trying to keep from hurling as I type this. The last thing I need is to have a vitriolic carrot puree spewing from me all over my desk. This sucks, why did I do this? I need to go find some crackers or something.

On another note, I’m still feeling happy and glowy…

Oh yeah, and I got the rest of our vacation pictures up. These are all from Kristin. She took more (and better) pictures than I did. Probably because I didn’t manage to break her film camera half way through the trip.

I should be able to get some of her Pride pictures up this evening or tomorrow morning. She is so happy with her new camera. It makes me wish that it hadn’t taken an accident to get her one. When I first met Kristin she was working as a forensic photographer with the Salt L*ke City P*lice. And at that point she still loved photography. During that first year we were together it was a common occurrence for us to be driving somewhere and suddenly she would pull off the road and start taking pictures of something spectacular she had spotted. I loved that she was so passionate about it. I had dreams of the two of us putting together an exhibit of photography and poetry that built on each other into something spectacular.

But when every night when you look into the eyepiece of your camera and all you see are dead bodies, abused children, fatal accidents, beaten girlfriends and wives, the detritus of all the inhumanity that humans are capable of dealing each other, you stop wanting to look into your camera. By the time she finally quit her job photography was no longer a joy or a comfort to her. So I took up the digital camera that she had never liked and started documenting our lives. Her 32 mm film camera sat in the cupboard unused and forgotten most of the time.

But a few months ago she started talking about Digital SLR cameras. A friend of ours has one and Kristin has been coveting it. But those cameras are expensive. And if she couldn’t bring herself to show much interest in the cheaper digital, or her 35 mm, why should we spend the money on another fancy toy.

I was so wrong. On this vacation she finally picked up her camera again. And when I broke the digital I was heartbroken not only because I used that camera every day, but also because here Kristin was coming out of photography stasis and there I go and break the easiest camera in the house to use.

But it’s ok, she wouldn’t have been happy with the old Nikon, anyway. Now I’m glad that I broke the camera. Because now…


Posted by Trista @ 11:17 AM

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Carrots make me sick too. Or hungry. Finally, just last week, I said to Benji, "I don't like carrots." It makes me feel free, somehow.

Anyway. Please do the photography/poetry thing. Please. I'll be waiting.

Posted by Blogger Lauri @ 11:53 AM #

I read once that if you eat too many carrots your skin will turn orange. Please let us know if that happens, as well. Curious minds MUST know all.

Posted by Blogger Robin @ 10:16 AM #

Once I ate a bag of baby carrots. Once I vomited carrot barf into my lover's outstretched cupped hands. It was orange. It was pretty.

That was nice. once.

Posted by Blogger Plimco @ 7:40 AM #
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