Our Easter Weekend

This is what happens when she eats sugar
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It was eye-poppin' fun!

Oooh, we had visitors. Yes indeedy we did! N of They who have Abandoned Us relented on her abandonment and was in town over the weekend. She spent Saturday afternoon with us eating candy and playing Starfarers of Catan with us. I lost. Again. I don't know how many times I can play this game with good humor. I hate games I never win. I am just that bad a sport.

But before N of They Who Have Abandoned Us showed up, Kristin's sister and our nieces and nephew came to town for a quick visit. The kids haven't been here since October. Julia LOVES her cousins. A Lot. Julia attacks her cousin in an overabundance of love We're hoping they come to visit again, soon.

So, ok, where was I? Sister, kids, love, N, oh yeah. Easter Sunday. We're not Christian, but we come from Christian extended families, so we celebrate Easter. It's good times all around.

This year our dinner wasn't super coordinated. Mom asked everyone what we wanted and then she made everyone's requests. All our favorite foods. There were no vegetables. No one requested them. For me she made creamed eggs and toast. This is her whisking the creamed eggs. Grandma in the Kitchen YUM! I'm eating them for lunch again today. For The Brother Just Younger Than I she made clam dip, for He Who Could Sell Snow to Polar Bears she made macaroni salad. For Sister in Law the First she made macaroni salad without onions, for Kristin she made mashed potatoes and gravy and ham. For Grandchild the First she made Strawberry Shortcake. For herself she made a turkey (at least I hope it was for herself... maybe I should ask). My dad wouldn't let mom make his favorite, Potato Salad, but he did let her buy some already made. Oh, and there were rolls.

What else... oh, there was an Easter Egg Hunt behind bars (in Grandma's Deer-proofed rose garden) for Grandchild the First. Easter Egg Hunt in JailAnd one on the grass for Julia. Of course, Julia was asleep so Kristin and I gathered up the eggs, and forced ourselves to eat all the candy so it wouldn't go bad.

There was much playing of games, particulary the old Simon game that The Brother Just Younger Than I found. Indoctrination Julia is a natural
There was much cuteness... Super-Cute Bunny

And, finally, there was much lying around and digesting. Grandpa and His Girls

All in all, a lovely weekend.

Oh, and NO work on the kitchen this week, either. We are bad, bad, bad. This thing will NEVER be done!

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Sounds like you guys had a good weekend! You didn't miss out on much Sat. night. Cam just didn't let us have any fun.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:45 PM #

Of course I am reading this at work without the benefit of pictures, but it sounds great. But no vegetables? No green beans and corn? And what good mothers you are, sacrificing yourselves by eating all that candy. Heh.

Posted by Blogger hd @ 1:52 PM #

Wow, that was very nice that your mother made everyone's favorite food!

Posted by Blogger cocoa @ 9:45 AM #

yeah, she's a wonderful person. I just wish she'd let us help!

Posted by Blogger Trista @ 12:07 PM #
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